Dorothea of Bulgaria
Dorothea of Bulgaria was the first Queen of Bosnia.

Early life

She was the daughter of Emperor Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria
Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria
Ivan Sratsimir or Ivan Stratsimir was emperor of Bulgaria in Vidin from 1356 to 1396. He was born in 1324 or 1325, and he died in or after 1397. Despite being the eldest surviving son of Ivan Alexander, Ivan Sratsimir was disinherited in favour of his half-brother Ivan Shishman and proclaimed...

 and his wife Anna of Wallachia
Anna of Wallachia
Anna of Wallachia or Anna Basarab was a Wallachian princess and empress consort of Bulgaria in Vidin, second wife of emperor Ivan Sratsimir....


Louis I, King of Hungary
King of Hungary
The King of Hungary was the head of state of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1000 to 1918.The style of title "Apostolic King" was confirmed by Pope Clement XIII in 1758 and used afterwards by all the Kings of Hungary, so after this date the kings are referred to as "Apostolic King of...

, retained her and her sister at the Hungarian court after her father was restored in 1370. Dorothea was placed in care of the queen, Elisabeth of Bosnia
Elisabeth of Bosnia
Elizabeth of Bosnia was Queen of Hungary from 1353 until 1382 and Queen of Poland from 1370 until 1382 as the second wife of King Louis the Great. After her tenure as queen consort, Elizabeth served as regent for her daughter Mary.As queen consort, Elizabeth was overshadowed by her domineering...

, and queen mother, Elisabeth of Poland
Elisabeth of Poland
Elisabeth of Poland was Queen consort of Hungary and regent of Poland. She is also known as Elisabeth of Kujavia and Elisabeth Piast.-Early life:...

. Dorothea's sister died soon, while Dorothea herself fell in favour of the King. King Louis I gave her in marriage to his cousin-in-law, ban Tvrtko I of Bosnia
Tvrtko I of Bosnia
Stjepan Tvrtko I was a ruler of medieval Bosnia. He ruled in 1353–1366 and again in 1367–1377 as Ban and in 1377–1391 as the first Bosnian King....



Dorothea married ban Tvrtko I in Saint Ilija (today's Ilinci
Ilinci is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Šid municipality, in the Srem District, Vojvodina province. The village has a Serb ethnic majority and its population numbering 827 people .-See also:*List of places in Serbia...

, near Šid
Šid is a town and municipality in the Srem District of Vojvodina, Serbia. Šid town has a population of 16,301, and Šid municipality 38,921.-Name:...

) on 8 December 1374 and became banness of Bosnia. On 26 October 1377 her husband was crowned King and she took the title of Queen of Bosnia.

Queen Dorothea died before 1390, having left neither sons nor known daughters. Her husband planned to remarry, this time to a member of the House of Habsburg, but he died in 1391.
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