Dorothea Krag
Dorothea Krag was a Danish General Postmaster and noble
Nobility is a social class which possesses more acknowledged privileges or eminence than members of most other classes in a society, membership therein typically being hereditary. The privileges associated with nobility may constitute substantial advantages over or relative to non-nobles, or may be...


Dorothea was married first to count Jens Juel in 1694, and second to the king's illegitimate half brother Christian Gyldenløve
Christian Gyldenløve
Christian Gyldenløve was one of five illegitimate children fathered by Christian V of Denmark with Sophie Amalie Moth. The others, all named Gyldenløve, were:* Christiane Gyldenløve * Sophie Christiane Gyldenløve...

in 1701. As the widow of Count Christian Gyldenløve, the General Postmaster since 1686, she was granted the income from the office from 1703 until 1711. This was expected to be a pure formal office for her part, but instead, she actually managed the post of Postmaster, something unique for a woman of her time and the first for her country. She reformed the office of postmaster (1705), and introduced uniforms and signal horns (1709). Married thirdly to nobleman Hans Adolf Ahlefeld in 1715.
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