Don Cherry
Don Cherry may refer to:
  • Don Cherry
    Don Cherry
    Don Cherry may refer to:* Don Cherry hockey player, coach, and commentator* Don Cherry , trumpeter* Don Cherry...

     (born 1934) hockey player, coach, and commentator
  • Don Cherry (jazz)
    Don Cherry (jazz)
    Donald Eugene Cherry was an innovative African-American jazz cornetist whose career began with a long association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman. He went on to live in many parts of the world and work with a wide variety of musicians.-Biography:Cherry was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and...

     (1936–1995), trumpeter
  • Don Cherry (singer/golfer)
    Don Cherry (singer/golfer)
    Donald Ross Cherry is an American singer of traditional pop music, best known for his 1955 hit, "Band of Gold"; and a former amateur and professional golfer.-Biography:...

    (born 1924)
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