Dinoplax is a genus
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 of chiton
Chitons are small to large, primitive marine molluscs in the class Polyplacophora.There are 900 to 1,000 extant species of chitons in the class, which was formerly known as Amphineura....

s in the family
Family (biology)
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Chaetopleuridae is a family of chitons. They are marine molluscs.-Genera:Two genera are known in this family:* Chaetopleura Shuttleworth, 1853* Dinoplax Carpenter MS, Dall, 1882...

. They are marine
Marine (ocean)
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Species in this genus include:
  • Dinoplax chelazziana (Ferreira, 1983)
  • Dinoplax fossus Sykes, 1899
  • Dinoplax gigas (Gmelin, 1791)
  • Dinoplax validifossus Ashby, 1934
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