Diachronic or Diachronous,from the Greek word Διαχρονικός (Diahronikos), is a term for something happening over time. It is used in several fields of research.
  • Diachronic linguistics (in contrast to synchronic analysis
    Synchronic analysis
    In linguistics, a synchronic analysis is one that views linguistic phenomena only at one point in time, usually the present, though a synchronic analysis of a historical language form is also possible. This may be distinguished from diachronics, which regards a phenomenon in terms of developments...

    ): see Historical linguistics
    Historical linguistics
    Historical linguistics is the study of language change. It has five main concerns:* to describe and account for observed changes in particular languages...

  • Geology: see Diachronous
    A diachronous deposit in Geology is a sedimentary rock formation in which apparently similar material varies in age from place to place....

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