Dermopathy can refer to:
  • Diabetic dermopathy
    Diabetic dermopathy
    Diabetic dermopathy is a type of skin lesion seen in people with diabetes mellitus. It is characterized by dull-red papules that progress to well-circumscribed, small, round, atrophic hyperpigmented skin lesions on the shins. It is the most common of several diabetic skin conditions....

  • Graves' dermopathy, or Infiltrative dermopathy
  • Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NFD)
  • Restrictive dermopathy
    Restrictive dermopathy
    Restrictive dermopathy is a rare, lethal autosomal recessive skin condition characterized by abnormal facies, tight skin, sparse or absent eyelashes, and secondary joint changes.- Mechanism :...

special type of diseases accouting with skin and its underlying layers
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