A delicacy is a food item that is considered highly desirable in certain cultures. Often this is because of unusual flavors or characteristics or because it is rare.

Delicacies are different across different countries and ages. Flamingo
Flamingos or flamingoes are gregarious wading birds in the genus Phoenicopterus , the only genus in the family Phoenicopteridae...

 tongue was a highly prized dish in ancient Rome, but is not eaten at all in modern times. Lobster
Clawed lobsters comprise a family of large marine crustaceans. Highly prized as seafood, lobsters are economically important, and are often one of the most profitable commodities in coastal areas they populate.Though several groups of crustaceans are known as lobsters, the clawed lobsters are most...

s were considered poverty food in North America until the mid-19th century, when they started being treated as they were in Europe - a delicacy.

Delicacy is the genuine tint of virtue.

Marguerite de Valois

Many things are too delicate to be thought; many more, to be spoken.


An appearance of delicacy is inseparable from sweetness and gentleness of character.

Mrs. Sigourney

True delicacy, that most beautiful heart-leaf of humanity, exhibits itself most significantly in little things.

Mary Howitt

Delicacy is to the affections what grace is to the beauty.


Weak men often, from the very principle of their weakness, derive a certain susceptibility, delicacy and taste which render them, in those particulars, much superior to men of stronger and more consistent minds, who laugh at them.

Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke

Delicacy is to the mind what fragrance is to the fruit.

Achilles Poincelot