Definitive Map
The Definitive Map is a record of public rights of way in England and Wales. In law it is the definitive record of where a right of way is located. The highway authority (normally the county council, or unitary authority in areas with a one-tier system) has a statutory duty to maintain the Definitive Map, though in national parks the National Park Authority usually maintains the map. The Inner London
Inner London
Inner London is the name for the group of London boroughs which form the interior part of Greater London and are surrounded by Outer London. The area was first officially defined in 1965 and for purposes such as statistics, the definition has changed over time. The terms Inner London and Central...

 boroughs are exempt from the statutory duty though they have the powers to maintain a map: currently none does so.

Each right of way also has a written description referred to as the Definitive Statement. Generally the Definitive Map takes legal precedence over the Definitive Statement.

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