Decameron (band)
Decameron were a British
United Kingdom
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 folk-rock band.

Initially formed in 1968 in Cheltenham
Cheltenham , also known as Cheltenham Spa, is a large spa town and borough in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds in the South-West region of England. It is the home of the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing, the Gold Cup, the main event of the Cheltenham Festival held...

 by Johnny Coppin
Johnny Coppin
Johnny Coppin is an English singer/songwriter, composer, poetry anthologist and broadcaster. He plays guitar and piano and has written and recorded many albums as a solo artist. He has a weekly one-hour show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire entitled Folk Roots which he has produced and presented every...

 and Dave Bell, the band were augmented in 1971 by the addition of Al Fenn and Geoff March. Their first managers included future comedian Jasper Carrott
Jasper Carrott
Jasper Carrott OBE is a British comedian, actor, television presenter and personality.-Early life:...


Decameron released four albums: Say Hello to the Band (1973), Mammoth Special (1974), Third Light (1975), and Tomorrow's Pantomime (1976). These latter three albums have since been reissued in full on a double-CD anthology entitled Parabola Road. The first album has also been re-released on CD as a single disc with nine extra previously unreleased tracks.

They collaborated with Nigel Mazlyn Jones
Nigel Mazlyn Jones
Nigel Mazlyn Jones is an English guitarist, singer and songwriter.Jones was born in Dudley, England, where he did part time work at Dudley Zoo from the age of 12...

 on his 1976 Ship To Shore
Ship to Shore (album)
Ship to Shore is the first album by Nigel Mazlyn Jones, guitarist, singer and songwriter. The guitar style and sound, involving use of harmonics and extensive electronic treatments, is already fully formed. The album was recorded in March 1976 in Birmingham at Nest Studios, produced by Nigel Mazlyn...


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