Deb Verhoeven
Deb Verhoeven is currently Professor and Chair of Media and Communication at Deakin University
Deakin University
Deakin University is an Australian public university with nearly 40,000 higher education students in 2010. It receives more than A$600 million in operating revenue annually, and controls more than A$1.3 billion in assets. It received more than A$35 million in research income in 2009 and had 835...

. Until recently she held the role of Director of the AFI Research Collection at RMIT. A writer, broadcaster, film critic and commentator, Verhoeven is the author of more than 30 journal articles and book chapters. Her most recent book is Jane Campion
Jane Campion
Jane Campion is a filmmaker and screenwriter. She is one of the most internationally successful New Zealand directors, although most of her work has been made in or financed by other countries, principally Australia – where she now lives – and the United States...

 published in 2009 by Routledge
Routledge is a British publishing house which has operated under a succession of company names and latterly as an academic imprint. Its origins may be traced back to the 19th-century London bookseller George Routledge...

, a detailed case study of the commercial and cultural role of the auteur in the contemporary film industry.

In 2008 Verhoeven was appointed inaugural Deputy Chair, National Film and Sound Archive
National Film and Sound Archive
The National Film and Sound Archive is Australia’s audiovisual archive, responsible for developing, preserving, maintaining, promoting and providing access to a national collection of audiovisual materials and related items...

 (Aust.). In 2011 she was elected to the inaugural committee of the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH).

Verhoeven’s principal research interest lies in extending the limits of conventional film studies; exploring the intersection between cinema studies and other disciplines such as history, information management, geo-spatial science, statistics, urban studies and economics. This work has evolved through collaborations with academics such as A/Prof Colin Arrowsmith (a geo-spatial scientist at RMIT University); Professor Jill Julius Mathews (a historian at Australian National University
Australian National University
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); Professor John Sedgwick (an economist at London Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University , located in London, England, was formed on 1 August 2002 by the amalgamation of the University of North London and the London Guildhall University . The University has campuses in the City of London and in the London Borough of Islington.The University operates its...

); Dr Brian Morris (cultural studies at RMIT University) and staff from the Centre for Screen Business at the Australian Film Television and Radio School
Australian Film Television and Radio School
The Australian Film, Television and Radio School is the Australian national centre for professional education and advanced training in film, television, radio and digital media. The School is an Australian Commonwealth government statutory authority...

 (AFTRS); and in association with film studies academics such as Professor Richard Maltby and Dr Mike Walsh (Flinders University
Flinders University
Flinders University, , is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 1966, it was named in honour of navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century.The university has established a reputation as a leading research...

) and Dr Kate Bowles (University of Wollongong
University of Wollongong
The University of Wollongong is a public university located in the coastal city of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, approximately 80 kilometres south of Sydney...


A former CEO of the Australian Film Institute
Australian Film Institute
The Australian Film Institute was founded in 1958 as a non-profit organisation devoted to developing an active film culture in Australia and fostering engagement between the general public and the Australian film industry...

, Professor Verhoeven is a member of the Australian Film Critics Association
Australian Film Critics Association
The Australian Film Critics Association or AFCA is an Australian film critic organisation.-History:Formed in 1996, AFCA began as the Melbourne Film Critics’ Forum, expanding to a national organisation in 2004...

, the Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique (FIPRESCI), an Honorary Life Member of Women in Film and Television, an executive member of the International Cinema Audiences Research Group (ICARG), and a founding member of the Screen Economics Research Group (SERG). As a film critic Verhoeven is a regular critical contributor to various programs on ABC Radio National and appeared fortnightly on the high rating Jon Faine program on ABC Local Radio for 7 years. She was film critic for The Melbourne Times for 6 years and ran film programs on various public radio stations around Melbourne for many years prior to this.

Deb Verhoeven has an active role in film publishing. She is Chair of the widely read film journal Senses of Cinema
Senses of Cinema
Senses of Cinema is a quarterly online film magazine founded in 1999 by filmmaker Bill Mousoulis. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Senses of Cinema publishes work by film critics from all over the world, including critical essays, career overviews of the works of key directors, and coverage of many...

and was Editor for the journal Studies in Australasian Cinema (Intellect) in 2009/10.

Verhoeven’s recent awards and fellowships include:

2010 Winner (bonza), Australian Teachers of Media
Australian Teachers of Media
The Australian Teachers Of Media or ATOM is an independent, non-profit, professional association in Australia for teachers of media and teachers who wish to use media effectively in their classroom....

 (ATOM) Awards

2009/2010 Honorary Creative Fellowship, State Library of Victoria
State Library of Victoria
The State Library of Victoria is the central library of the state of Victoria, Australia, located in Melbourne. It is on the block bounded by Swanston, La Trobe, Russell, and Little Lonsdale streets, in the northern centre of the central business district...

2007 Visiting Professor, Som e Imagem, Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto

2006 Media Star Award (Most Media Appearances), RMIT University

2006 Highly Commended Finalist (Sheep and the Australian Cinema), Film and History Research and Writing Awards

2006 Best Australian Cinema Book 2006-7 (Sheep and the Australian Cinema), Australian Film Critic’s Association

Key Publications

Jane Campion, Routledge: London & New York, 2009

Sheep and the Australian Cinema, Melbourne University Press: Melbourne, 2006

Twin Peeks: Australian and New Zealand Feature Films, Damned Publishing: Melbourne, 1999

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