De Dion
De Dion may refer to:
  • Jules-Albert de Dion (1856–1946), automobile pioneer
  • de Dion-Bouton
    De Dion-Bouton
    De Dion-Bouton was a French automobile manufacturer and railcar manufacturer operating from 1883 to 1932. The company was founded by the Marquis Jules-Albert de Dion, Georges Bouton and his brother-in-law Charles Trépardoux....

    , automobile manufacturer
  • de Dion tube
    De Dion tube
    A de Dion tube is an automobile suspension technology. It is a sophisticated form of non-independent suspension and is a considerable improvement over the alternative swing axle and Hotchkiss drive types. A de Dion suspension uses universal joints at both the wheel hubs and differential, and uses a...

    , automobile suspension (vehicle)
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