Dave Stocking
Dave Stocking is one of the original members of Workers' Power, a group that was formed after the Left Faction, was expelled from the International Socialists (now the Socialist Workers Party
Socialist Workers Party (Britain)
The Socialist Workers Party is a far left party in Britain founded by Tony Cliff. The SWP's student section has groups at a number of universities...

) for refusing to dissolve their faction in 1974.
He is a leader of the international organisation, League for the Fifth International
League for the Fifth International
The League for the Fifth International is an international grouping of revolutionary Trotskyist organisations around a common programme and perspectives. The group has sections in Europe, South Asia, and North America as well as supporters in the Middle East.-Early years:L5I was founded as the...

. He has written several articles on the Marxist understanding of the national question and the history of the Fourth International, as well as more recently on the anti-capitalist movement and the need for this to turn into a Fifth International
Fifth International
The phrase Fifth International refers to the efforts made by sections of the far-left to create a new Workers' International.-Previous Internationals:...

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