Daniel du Janerand
Daniel du Janerand was a French painter artist
born in the "Marais", center of Paris, on 18 July 1919.

Artistic life

  • École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
    École des Beaux-Arts
    École des Beaux-Arts refers to a number of influential art schools in France. The most famous is the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, now located on the left bank in Paris, across the Seine from the Louvre, in the 6th arrondissement. The school has a history spanning more than 350 years,...

     (National School of Fine Art) in Paris;
  • Member founder of the Salon "Comparaisons";
  • Member of the Salon d'Automne
    Salon d'Automne
    In 1903, the first Salon d'Automne was organized by Georges Rouault, André Derain, Henri Matisse, Angele Delasalle and Albert Marquet as a reaction to the conservative policies of the official Paris Salon...

    , Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts
    Société Nationale des Beaux Arts
    Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts was the term under which two groups of French artists united, the first for some exhibitions in the early 1860s, the second since 1890 for annual exhibitions....

     (Fine Arts National Society), Salon des "Peintres Témoins de leur Temps (Painters Witnesses of their Time) etc.


  • Prix de la revue "Le Peintre" ("The Painter" magazine) (1953)
  • Prix de la Société des Amateurs d'Art et des Collectionneurs (1955);
  • Prix Puvis de Chavannes(1970)
  • Prix de Saint-Affrique
    Saint-Affrique is a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France.-History:Saint-Affrique grew in the 6th century around the tomb of St. Africain, bishop of Comminges. In the 12th century a fortress was built on the neighboring rock of Caylus. The possession of Saint-Affrique was vigorously...

  • Pictures bought by the State, Town of Paris, Museums of Valenciennes, Lyon, Créon, Fontainebleau.


USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan etc.

In France: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Cannes, Rennes, Nantes, Amiens, Beaulieu sur mer, Fontainebleau,
Barbizon, Saint-Brieuc, Clermont-Ferrand etc.

Canvas in Museums

Fontainebleau, Lyon, Poitiers, Valenciennes, Villeneuve sur Lot, Créon, Gassin, Saint-Maur des Fossés,

Wall paintings

In French public and grammar schools; eight mural paintings for radio-industry Thomson
Thomson SA
Technicolor SA , formerly Thomson SA and Thomson Multimedia, is a French international provider of solutions for the creation, management, post-production, delivery and access of video, for the Communication, Media and Entertainment industries. Technicolor’s headquarters are located in Issy les...

 in Paris,
and in 1985, one for S.N.C.F. (French railways company) at Quimper (Brittany
Brittany is a cultural and administrative region in the north-west of France. Previously a kingdom and then a duchy, Brittany was united to the Kingdom of France in 1532 as a province. Brittany has also been referred to as Less, Lesser or Little Britain...


Book illustrations

  • "Le Chemin des Dames
    Chemin des Dames
    In France, the Chemin des Dames is part of the D18 and runs east and west in the département of Aisne, between in the west, the Route Nationale 2, and in the east, the D1044 at Corbeny. It is some thirty kilometres long and runs along a ridge between the valleys of the rivers Aisne and Ailette...

    " by J.Rousselot;
  • "Feu d'artifice à Zanzibar" (Fireworks in Zanzibar) by Pierre Benoît
    Pierre Benoit (novelist)
    Pierre Benoît was a French novelist and member of the Académie française.Pierre Benoit, born in Albi was the son of a French soldier. Benoit spent his early years and military service in Northern Africa, before becoming a civil servant...

  • "Lève-toi et marche" ("Stand up and walk") by Hervé Bazin
    Hervé Bazin
    Hervé Bazin was a French writer, whose best-known novels covered semi-autobiographical topics of teenage rebellion and dysfunctional families.- Biography :...


His work

In February 1991, doing homage to Daniel du Janerand, his colleague and close friend Maurice Boitel
Maurice Boitel
Maurice Boitel Maurice Boitel Maurice Boitel (July 31, 1919 – August 11, 2007 in Audresselles (Pas-de-Calais), was a French painter.-Artistic life:Maurice Boitel belonged to the art movement called "La Jeune Peinture" ("Young Picture") of the School of Paris, with painters like Bernard Buffet, Yves...

 wrote in the catalogue of the exhibition for the centenary of the Fine Arts National Society:

"...Daniel du Janerand left some unfinished pictures among which one on his easel: last testimony.
Until the last day, he was painting, going more and more to a very sober expression, more and more to the essential of his deepest feelings: his wonderful pastels, drawn from life, still remain as witnesses of his spontaneous inspiration and vigour magnified on the canvas; these finished works impart to you an optimism I often admired: optimism he kept even during his health ordeals; his dynamism, his hope, helped by a great talent, led to a world always better; a paradisiacal light illuminates the spectator.

Daniel du Janerand, in the conversations about our art, our life, was always lenient with the others, as the greatest. Formerly, a long time ago, we used to go together in Brie for painting. I still see him in front of his easel..."

Source of the article: Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts 1890–1990, Biennale 1991, Grand Palais année du centenaire, catalogue p. 22.
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