Daniel Karam Toumeh
Daniel Karam Toumeh born on March 15, 1973 in Mexico City, is the director of the Mexican Social Security Institute
Mexican Social Security Institute
The Mexican Social Security Institute is a governmental organization that attends to public health, pensions and social security in Mexico operating under Secretaría de Salud .-History:...


He has a BA in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, where he received a special mention in the thesis "Political Economic Cycles: The Case of Mexico." He has a master's degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government
John F. Kennedy School of Government
The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University is a public policy and public administration school, and one of Harvard's graduate and professional schools...

 at Harvard University
Harvard University
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He was advisor to the General Director of Treasury Planning at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público) from 1996 to 1998.

He served as Coordinator of Advisors of the Directorate of Incorporation and Collection at the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social/IMSS) from 2002 to 2003. Besides, he was Coordinator of Taxation from 2004 to 2006 at IMSS.

He participated as an advisor on proposals and speech during the presidential campaign of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa from February to August 2006. Subsequently, he was responsible for health projects and social security in the transition team of President-elect.

In December 2006 he was Director of Finance of IMSS and in April 2007 was appointed National Commissioner of Social Protection in Health (Comisionado Nacional de Protección Social en Salud).

On March 3, 2009 President of Mexico Felipe Calderón Hinojosa named him General Director of IMSS.


Early 2010 was marked by members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation as a possible charge of the nursery fire, and although he was exonerated ABC, three judges of the Supreme Court considered the conduct of Karam incorrect in the case. Moreover, his resignation would have facilitated the process of fire investigation into the ABC Child Care, resignation never arose.

In late 2010 he was summoned to H. Congress to declare that the IMSS, lead institute, had become bankrupt. Later retracted his statement.

Some people also believe that Daniel Karam has also been a character since despite the holds, at various times has hindered the peace process in some areas of the country, as well as hindered the improvement of working conditions of health workers (specifically those in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua).

Another controversial aspect about it is its refusal to provide social security to the marriages of same-sex couples that have been carried out in the Federal District, even though such marriages have been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court's.

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