Cullberg Ballet
The Cullberg Ballet is a Swedish
Sweden , officially the Kingdom of Sweden , is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Sweden borders with Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund....

 contemporary dance company.

It was founded by the modern dancer and pioneer choreographer Birgit Cullberg
Birgit Cullberg
Birgit Cullberg was a Swedish choreographer. The daughter of bank manager Carl Cullberg and Elna Westerström, Cullberg was born in Nyköping and married from 1942 to 1949 to actor Anders Ek...

 in 1967, who brought it to fame. After Cullberg's retirement in 1985 the company was until 1993 run by her son, the popular Swedish dancer, choreographer and stage director Mats Ek
Mats Ek
Mats Ek is a leading Swedish dance and ballet choreographer, dancer and stage director. He was the manager of the Cullberg Ballet from 1985 to 1993....


From 2003 Cullbergbaletten was managed by choreographer Johan Inger and is now under the leadership of Artistic Director Anna Grip.

The Cullberg Ballet is part of Riksteatern
Riksteatern is the name of the popular "National Touring Theatre"/"National Theatre Company" in Sweden. It's the biggest theatre company on tour in Sweden and can, in one way, almost be described as Sweden's national stage on tour....

and tours both nationally and internationally.
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