Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds is an American police procedural
Police procedural
The police procedural is a subgenre of detective fiction which attempts to convincingly depict the activities of a police force as they investigate crimes. While traditional detective novels usually concentrate on a single crime, police procedurals frequently depict investigations into several...

Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. The term comes from a Greek word meaning "action" , which is derived from "to do","to act" . The enactment of drama in theatre, performed by actors on a stage before an audience, presupposes collaborative modes of production and a...

 that premiered September 22, 2005, on CBS
CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a major US commercial broadcasting television network, which started as a radio network. The name is derived from the initials of the network's former name, Columbia Broadcasting System. The network is sometimes referred to as the "Eye Network" in reference to the shape of...

. The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit
Behavioral Analysis Unit
The Behavioral Analysis Unit is a component of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime that uses behavioral sciences to assist in criminal investigations...

 (BAU) based in Quantico
Quantico, Virginia
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, Virginia. The BAU is part of the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
In November 1982, following a meeting between members of the Criminal Personality Research Project advisory board and other specialists, the concept of a single ' was put forward. This elite investigative branch was never envisaged as a replacement for traditional crime investigation by local law...

. Criminal Minds differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on the criminal rather than the crime itself. The show is produced by The Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios.

On May 18, 2011, CBS renewed the series for a seventh season which premiered on September 21, 2011.

CBS announced in October 2009 that Legacy Interactive
Legacy Interactive
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 will develop a video game
Criminal Minds (video game)
Criminal Minds is an upcoming spin-off video game based on the CBS police procedural show Criminal Minds. The video game is coming off the back of the mostly successful House M.D game...

 based on the show.