Court of Appeal (Hong Kong)
The Court of Appeal deals with appeals on all civil
Civil law (common law)
Civil law, as opposed to criminal law, is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals or organizations, in which compensation may be awarded to the victim...

 and criminal
Criminal law
Criminal law, is the body of law that relates to crime. It might be defined as the body of rules that defines conduct that is not allowed because it is held to threaten, harm or endanger the safety and welfare of people, and that sets out the punishment to be imposed on people who do not obey...

 cases from the Court of First Instance and the District Courts of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China , the other being Macau. A city-state situated on China's south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour...

. It is one of two courts that makes up the High Court
High Court (Hong Kong)
The High Court in Hong Kong consists of the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance. It deals with criminal and civil cases which have risen beyond the lower courts. It was named the Supreme Court before 1997.- High Court Building :...

 (which was formerly known as the Supreme Court
Supreme Court (Hong Kong)
The Supreme Court was the highest court in Hong Kong prior to the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China in 1997 and heard cases of first instance and appeals from the District and Magisrates Courts as well as certain tribunals...

) of Hong Kong.

This court also hears appeals from the Lands Tribunal
Lands Tribunal (Hong Kong)
The Lands Tribunal is a tribunal in Hong Kong that deals with legal disputes over land. It was established by the Lands Tribunal Ordinance .- Judges :...

 and the Tribunals and Statutory Bodies.

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