Counterfactual may refer to:
  • Counterfactual conditional
    Counterfactual conditional
    A counterfactual conditional, subjunctive conditional, or remote conditional, abbreviated , is a conditional statement indicating what would be the case if its antecedent were true...

    , a grammatical form (which also relates to philosophy and logic)
  • Counterfactual subjunctive, grammatical forms which in English are known as the past and pluperfect forms of the subjunctive mood
    English subjunctive
    In English grammar, the English subjunctive is the English manifestation of the subjunctive mood, a verb mood typically used in dependent clauses to express a wish, an emotion, a possibility, a judgement, an opinion, a necessity, or an action that is unlikely to occur or did not occur...

  • Counterfactual thinking
    Counterfactual thinking
    Counterfactual thinking is a term of psychology that describes the tendency people have to imagine alternatives to reality. Humans are predisposed to think about how things could have turned out differently if only..., and also to imagine what if?....

  • Counterfactual history
  • Alternate history, a literary genre
  • Counterfactual definiteness
    Counterfactual definiteness
    In some interpretations of quantum mechanics, counterfactual definiteness is the ability to speak with meaning of the definiteness of the results of measurements that have not been performed...

     in quantum theory
  • Counterfactual measurements in quantum theory
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