Council of Oman
The Council of Oman is a bicameral parliament, made up of member of the State Council
Council of State of Oman
The Council of State is the upper house of the Council of Oman.It was established by Royal Decree No. 86/97 on December 16th 1997.- Composition :The State Council is appointed by the Head of State for a 4 year term...

 and Consultation Council
Consultative Assembly of Oman
The Consultative Assembly has 83 elected members and it's the legislature of Oman. However, the monarch makes final selections and can negate election results. Oman doesn't allow political parties. Only non-partisans have been elected...

as stipulated in Article 58 of the Basic Law of the State. It is considered to be the main Parliament in Oman. It assists the government in drawing up the general policies of the state. The Council meets at the request of Sultan Qaboos, to study and discuss matters raised by him, taking all its decisions on the basis of a majority vote. Sultan Qaboos addresses all the members of this Council on an annual basis. There are 15 women members (14 of them are in the state council) among the 167 members of the parliament.

In October 19, 2011, Sultan Qaboos expanded the power of the council of Oman.
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