Cotulla, Texas
Cotulla is a city
A city is a relatively large and permanent settlement. Although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town within general English language meanings, many cities have a particular administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law.For example, in the U.S...

 in and the county seat
County seat
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 of La Salle County, Texas
Texas is the second largest U.S. state by both area and population, and the largest state by area in the contiguous United States.The name, based on the Caddo word "Tejas" meaning "friends" or "allies", was applied by the Spanish to the Caddo themselves and to the region of their settlement in...

, United States
United States
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. The population was 3,614 at the 2000 census.
In 1868, Polish immigrant Joseph Cotulla arrived in La Salle County and eventually established a large ranching operation. After learning that the International-Great Northern Railroad
International-Great Northern Railroad
The International – Great Northern Railroad was a railroad that operated in the U.S. state of Texas. It was created on September 30, 1873, when International Railroad and Houston and Great Northern Railroad merged....

 intended to lay tracks in La Salle County, he worked to establish the town of Cotulla.
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