Coro Coro, Bolivia
Coro Coro, Bolivia is a a location in the La Paz Department in Bolivia
Bolivia officially known as Plurinational State of Bolivia , is a landlocked country in central South America. It is the poorest country in South America...

. It is the seat of the Coro Coro Municipality
Coro Coro Municipality
Coro Coro Municipality is the first municipal section of the Pacajes Province in the La Paz Department, Bolivia. Its seat is Coro Coro.- References :* - External links :*...

, the first municipal section
Municipalities of Bolivia
Municipalities in Bolivia are administrative divisions of the entire national territory governed by local elections. Municipalities are the third level of administrative divisions, below departments and provinces. Some of the provinces consist of only one municipality...

 of the Pacajes Province
Pacajes Province
Pacajes is a province in the Bolivian department of La Paz. Its capital is Coro Coro.- Subdivision :The province is divided into eight municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.- External links :*...

, and it is the seat of the province.
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