Construction Site
Construction Site is a television series created by The Jim Henson Company
The Jim Henson Company
The Jim Henson Company, an American entertainment organization, traces its origins to the founding of Muppets, Inc. in 1958 by puppeteer Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets. The Muppets helped the company gain worldwide acclaim in family entertainment for more than four decades...

 in 1999, and consists of 7 construction vehicles. The show was broadcast on ABC Kids (US) for a while, and had a range of videos. It was originally produced for and shown on CITV starting in 1999. In 2000 it was nominated for a Children's BAFTA for the Best Pre-School Live Action. Episodes are packaged as 52 x 10’ or 13 x 26’. The show is somewhat similar to Bob the Builder. Two 13 episode seasons were produced.

The Characters

The main characters consist of a range of different construction equipment. They are as follows:
  • Bozer the Bulldozer
  • Diggs the Backhoe
  • Scooch the Front-End Dumper
  • Carrie the Forklift
  • Carl the Crane
  • Lug the Dump Truck
  • Maxine the Cement Mixer

There were also mentioned/visiting characters:
  • Flatty the Flatbed
  • Scatch the Dumper
  • Gertie the Dump Truck
  • Dumper the Jumper Truck
  • Big Rig
  • Kevin The Crane

There are also other vehicles:
  • The Low Loader
  • The Tall Crane
  • The Conveyor Belt


The series was set around a huge construction site, and we rarely see them come out of it. There were no humans, as this would be awkward with the puppet-like vehicles. The site consists of factories, a battery charge bay, a park, a Dock, a few Sheds, a Tall Bridge, a Scrapyard, a Mountain, a Forest, and many more.

Voice Talents

Many of the characters were voiced by one same person the voices are as follows:
  • Mark Jefferis - Bozer & Carl
  • Brian Herring - Diggs
  • Mak Wilson - Scooch & Lug
  • Charlotte Bellamy
    Charlotte Bellamy
    Charlotte Bellamy is an English actress.-Early life:Bellamy attended Middlesex University studying Performance Arts, graduating in 1993.-Acting career:...

     - Carrie
  • Angie Greaves
    Angie Greaves
    Angie Greaves is a British radio presenter on London-based radio station Magic 105.4 FM.-Early career:Angie started her media career in 1982 as a BBC Administrator at Television Centre. In 1986 she moved to London’s Capital Radio, where she began working on the radio after being “discovered” by DJ...

    - Maxine

The Models

  • The vehicle models are used by live-action animatronic puppet models. This is the first time The Jim Henson Company have used these, as these type of puppets were restricted to movies like Babe and Labyrinth.

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