Congress of State
The Congress of State is the government of the Republic of San Marino.

Composed by ten members, it is appointed by the Grand and General Council
Grand and General Council
The Grand and General Council is the parliament of San Marino. The council has 60 members elected for a five-year term.The electoral law was based on proportional representation from 1945 to 2007. Since then, it is based on the electoral system of Italian municipalities...

 between its members, so becoming a parliament committee. Generally it lasts five years as the Council, but it can be forced to resign by a parliamentary vote of no confidence.

The three most relevant posts are the Secretary for Foreign Affairs
San Marino Secretary for Foreign Affairs
The Secretary for Foreign Affairs is the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the small Republic of San Marino situated inside Italy.Together with the Secretary for Interior and the Secretary for Treasury, he is one of the three members of the executive Congress of State who is directly appointed by the...

, the Secretary for Interior and the Secretary for Treasury, who are directly chosen by the Council. The other seven congressmen are indistinctly nominated, and they will receive their ministry later by the Congress itself.

The incumbent Congress is in office since 2008 following the general election of the same year, which marked the victory of centre-right
The centre-right or center-right is a political term commonly used to describe or denote individuals, political parties, or organizations whose views stretch from the centre to the right on the left-right spectrum, excluding far right stances. Centre-right can also describe a coalition of centrist...

 coalition of Pact for San Marino
Pact for San Marino
Pact for San Marino is a right-wing coalition of parties for the 2008 general election in San Marino.It is composed of four lists for a total of eight parties:*Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party , including also:...



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