Computer Security Institute
The Computer Security Institute (CSI) is a professional membership organization
Professional body
A professional association is usually a nonprofit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest.The roles of these professional associations have been variously defined: "A group of people in a...

 serving practitioners of information, network, and computer-enabled physical security, from the level of system administrator
System administrator
A system administrator, IT systems administrator, systems administrator, or sysadmin is a person employed to maintain and operate a computer system and/or network...

 to the chief information security officer
Chief information security officer
A chief information security officer is the senior-level executive within an organization responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy and program to ensure information assets are adequately protected...

. It was founded in 1974.

CSI conducts two conferences per year — the Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition and CSI SX. Internet
The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide...

 entrepreneur Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales
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 was a keynote
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 speaker at CSI’s 33rd Annual Conference, held November 6–8, 2006, in Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida
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CSI is perhaps best known for the annual CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, conducted by CSI with the collaboration of the San Francisco Federal Bureau of Investigation's Computer Intrusion Squad and researchers from the Robert H. Smith School of Business
Robert H. Smith School of Business
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 at the University of Maryland
University of Maryland, College Park
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. The 11th annual survey was released in August 2006, and is freely available to the general public at CSI staff have also testified as expert witness
Expert witness
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es before United States Senate
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committee hearings.

CSI members receive a $200 discount off of CSI conferences, the Alert (a monthly report that analyzes security-related news), and access to the CSI Security Resource Center to review previous issues of the Alert. CSI members belong to a community of security professionals.

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