Comparison of image processing software
The following table provides a comparison of image processing
Image processing
In electrical engineering and computer science, image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image...

Functionality Matlab
MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. Developed by MathWorks, MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages,...

Mathematica is a computational software program used in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing...

ImageJ is a public domain, Java-based image processing program developed at the National Institutes of Health. ImageJ was designed with an open architecture that provides extensibility via Java plugins and recordable macros. Custom acquisition, analysis and processing plugins can be developed using...

FIJI (software)
FIJI (software)
Fiji is an Open Source image processing package based on ImageJ.Fiji's main purpose is to provide a distribution of ImageJ with many bundled plugins. As with Ubuntu, Fiji has an integrated updating system...

Extract alpha channel
Array labeling
Bilateral filtering
Intensity thresholding
Color thresholding
Validating binary image
Find uniform borders
Bottom-hat transform
Box kernel creation
Active contour segmentation
Chessboard distance
Morphological closing
K-Means clustering
Partitioning around medoids
Color channel combining
Convert RGB to Grayscale
Multilevel thresholding
Convert index to RGB
Convert to signed int16
Convert labels to RGB
Image negative
Color quantization
Extract color channels
Majority filtering
Blob analysis
Zero and Zero-crossings
Harris-Stephens corners
Minimum eigenvalue corners
Harmonic Mean of eigenvalues corners
Corner detection
Cross matrix creation
Live image capturing
Curvature flow filtering
Darken image
Remove border components
Remove small components
Otsu's size clustering
Derivative filtering
Create diamond matrix
Dilate an image
Create disk matrix
Distance transformation
Canny edge detector
Sobel edge detector
Shen-Castan edge detector
Prewitt edge detector
LoG edge detector
Robert's edge detector
Trace region boundaries
Trace object bounday
Entropy filtering
Erode an image
Hole filling
Hole filling with ROI
H-min transform
H-max transform
Find geometric transform
Otsu's intensity thresholding
Entropy minimization thresholding
Minimum error thresholding
Gaussian filtering
Gaussian kernel creation
Binary Geodesic reconstruction
Geodesic reconstruction
Geodesic erosion
Geometric mean filtering
Gradient filtering
Harmanic mean filtering
Hit-miss transformation
Create an image
Image add
Image adjustment
Find contrast stretch limit
Histogram equalization
Adaptive histogram equalization
Image registration
Arbitrary pixel operation
Image aspect ratio
Create an image montage
Assemble images
Live image capture
Image channels
Pixel value clipping
Image color space
Alpha compositing
Image convolution
Cooccurrence matrix
Properties of cooccurrence matrix
Image entropy
Image correlation
Image corresponding points
Image cropping
Image data
Richardson-Lucy deconvolution
Regularized deconvolution
Wiener deconvolution
Dampled least square deconvolution
Tikhonov deconvolution
Truncated SVD deconvolution
Tikhonov-Golub-Kahan deconvolution
Blind deconvolution
Image difference
Charcoal effect
Embossing effect
Oilpainting effect
Solarization effect
Motion blur effect
Uniform noise effect
Salt & pepper noise effect
Gaussian noise effect
Poisson noise effect
Speckle noise effect
Arbitrary local filtering
Image foresting components
Forward geometric transform
Image histogram
Keypoint detection
Image levels
Hough line detection
Detecting peaks of Hough transform
Image multiply
Image divide
Image padding
Image parititioning
Perspective transform
Image validate
Image reflection
Image resizing
Image rotation
Image subtract
Image croping
Arbitrary geometric transform
Find output bounds
Image trimming
Image type
Get image value
Isotropic diffusion inpainting
Total variation inpainting
Fast marching inpainting
Navier-Stokes inpainting
Inverse distance transform
Inverse radon transform
Karhunen-Loeve decomposition
Decorrelation stretch
Kuwahara filtering
Laplacian filtering
Laplacian of Gaussian filtering
Lighten image
List deconvolution
Region-of-interest processing
Regional maxima detection
Extended maxima detection
Maximum filtering
Mean filter
Mean shift
Mean shift filtering
Median filtering
Regional minima detection
Extended minima detection
Minimum filtering
Hysteresis thresholding
Branch point detection
Connected component labeling
Nested component labeling
Convex component labeling
Overlapping convex hull labeling
Oerlapping bounding box labeling
Bounding disk component labeling
Image Euler number
Create graph from image
Image perimeter
Binary neighborhood operation
Binary morphological operations
Image opening
Perona-Malik diffusion filtering
Get pixel value
Principal components transform
Morphological pruning
Hough transform
Radon transform
Create random image
Range filtering
Region growing segmentation
Relief shading
Alpha blending
Resampling methods
Ridge filtering
Blob analysis
Add alpha channel
Skeleton transform
Standard deviation filtering
Morphological thinning
Medical axis detection
Threshold image value
Create thumbnail
Top-hat transform
Total variation filtering
Meyer watershed
Beucher-Meyer modified watershed
Osma-Ruiz rainfall watershed
Vincent-Soille watershed immersion
Gradient descent watershed
Wiener filtering
Default imaging device
Available imaging devices
Quadtree decomposition
Quadtree block values
Quadtree set block values

  • Matlab is take to include the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox
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