Claudio Villa
Claudio Villa may refer to:
  • Claudio Villa (singer)
    Claudio Villa (singer)
    Claudio Villa, byname of Claudio Pica , was an Italian singer.-Biography:Tenor Claudio Villa was born Claudio Pica in the Trastevere quarter of Rome in 1926. He recorded over 3000 songs, sold 45 million records, and appeared in 25 musicals during his career...

     (1926-1987), Italian singer
  • Claudio Villa (comics)
    Claudio Villa (comics)
    Claudio Villa is an Italian comics artist who has primarily worked with Sergio Bonelli Editore, and is currently involved in illustrating several books in the Tex Willer comic series...

     (born 1959), Italian comics artist
  • Claudio Villas Boas (1916-1998), Brazilian activist
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