Cirrhoscyllium is a genus of Carpetsharks in the family Parascylliidae. It currently contains the following species:
  • Cirrhoscyllium expolitum H. M. Smith
    Hugh McCormick Smith
    Hugh McCormick Smith was an American ichthyologist and administrator in the Bureau of Fisheries.-Biography:...

     & Radcliffe
    Lewis Radcliffe
    Lewis Radcliffe was a naturalist, malacologist, and ichthyologist. He was Deputy Commissioner of the United States Bureau of Fisheries until 1932 and was the assistant naturalist under Hugh McCormick Smith for the 1907-1910 Philippines Expedition. During his life, he described numerous new species...

    , 1913
    (Barbelthroat carpetshark)
  • Cirrhoscyllium formosanum Teng, 1959 (Taiwan saddled carpetshark)
  • Cirrhoscyllium japonicum Kamohara, 1943 (Saddle carpetshark)
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