Circular letter
Circular letter is a written document that is addressed to a closed group of people.

The term may refer to:
  • Flyer (pamphlet)
    Flyer (pamphlet)
    __notoc__A flyer or flier, also called a circular, handbill or leaflet, is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in public place....

    , a single page leaflet
  • Circular Letter (Interlingua)
    Circular Letter (Interlingua)
    The Circular Letter was an early Interlingua newsletter published from 1954 to 1965, when it was expanded and renamed Lingua e Vita. D. M. Hallowes, who became the Secretary of the British Interlingua Society , edited the publication. Issue 9, dated March 1956, printed a suggestion that a British...

    , an early Interlingua publication
  • Circular Letter (religion)
    Circular Letter (religion)
    A circular letter is a letter written by a bishop and addressed to his clergy....

    , a letter written by a bishop and addressed to his clergy

Circular letters are the cycle of business dealings. A circular is a communication meant to convey information of a business firm to customers, business Mends etc. In the course of business, occasions will arise to send out circular letters. The sender aims giving certain information to the public. There are also other ways to communicate or advertise in newspapers or journals.

Generally printed or cyclostyled circular letters have a few advantages such as, less expenses, any number of letters can be posted in a day, to a certain extent the personal meet of the sales agents can be substituted, and the recipient, if interested, may call upon the firm or the sales agent, and so the agent need not wait to have an appointment. The objectives of circular letters are: To obtain publicity for a merchandise, to impress the readers with the facts about the firm and the products, to make the readers more interest in their contents, to attain the confidence of the readers and to stimulate sales.

A circular letter is one that carries a communication to a number of addresses. The basic difference between a circular and a general letter is that, whereas the former is addressed to many persons, the latter is addressed to only one person. Circular letters are to be read by a large number of people, whereas general letters arc personal and private in nature
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