Cinven is a British
United Kingdom
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 private equity
Private equity
Private equity, in finance, is an asset class consisting of equity securities in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange....

 firm founded in 1977 with offices in London
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, Paris
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, Frankfurt
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, Milan
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 and Hong Kong
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. Currently, the company has raised four funds, with the last one signing up €6.5 billion. Cinven is solely focused on European acquisitions and buyouts, with investment coming from over 150 institutional investors from 23 countries.

Cinven’s funding base originally came solely from three UK pension funds (British Coal
British Coal
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, the Railway Industry
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 and Barclays Bank) who remain as important partners. Cinven has been reported to originally stand for Coal Investment Nominees' for Venture Capital.

Cinven invests in six sectors on an international basis: Business Services; Consumer; Financial Services; Healthcare; Industrials; and TMT.


Cinven is one of the largest and most influential private equity firms in Europe. Some of their recent acquisitions include:
  • Avio — In 2006, Cinven purchased Avio from Carlyle and Finmeccanica for an enterprise value
    Enterprise value
    Enterprise value , Total enterprise value , or Firm value is an economic measure reflecting the market value of a whole business. It is a sum of claims of all the security-holders: debtholders, preferred shareholders, minority shareholders, common equity holders, and others...

     of €2.6 billion.

  • Spire Healthcare
    Spire Healthcare
    Spire Healthcare is a large British healthcare organisation with 37 hospitals in the UK, and the second largest private hospital group in the UK. It was formed when private equity firm Cinven acquired Bupa Hospitals in 2007....

     (previously BUPA
    Bupa is a large British healthcare organisation, with bases on three continents and more than ten million customers in over 200 countries. It is a private healthcare company, in direct contrast to the UK's National Health Services, which are tax-funded healthcare systems and do not require private...

     Hospitals) — In June 2007, BUPA announced that it had agreed to sell its hospitals business, comprising 25 hospitals, to Cinven for £1.44 billion ($2.8 billion/€2.13 billion). Spire has since acquired the Classics Hospital Group for GBP 145 million, as well as a single site hospital in Gerrards Cross, England.

  • Gondola Holdings — acquired in 2007 for €1.36 billion, Gondola is the market leader in the UK casual dining sector, with brands such as PizzaExpress, ASK, Zizzi
    Zizzi is a chain of Italian restaurants found across the United Kingdom which is owned by Gondola Group, who also own Ask and PizzaExpress restaurants. There are currently 87 Zizzi restaurants in the UK. Many include a masonry oven, visible over the counter to the customers, where pizzas are...

     and BYRON.

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus is a play by Peter Shaffer.It is based on the lives of the composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, highly fictionalized.Amadeus was first performed in 1979...

     — in 2005 Cinven bought Amadeus, the global leader in distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industries, for €4.4 billion.

  • SLV
    SLV may refer to:*El Salvador*IATA code for Shimla Airport, India*Slovenian language*Satellite Launch Vehicle, an Indian space launcher*State Library of Victoria*iShares Silver Trust, an Exchange-traded fund with the New York Stock Exchange symbol SLV...

    - acquired in April 2011, SLV is a provider of residential and technical lighting products
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