Cinemania may refer to:
  • Cinemania (film festival)
    Cinemania (Film Festival)
    CINEMANIA is a French-language film festival that takes place in Montreal.-Festival:The CINEMANIA French Film Festival in Montreal was established in 1995 and has continued annually ever since. The Festival is dedicated solely to French-language feature films emanating from France, Belgium,...

    , a French-language film festival that takes place in Montreal
  • Cinemania (film)
    Cinemania (film)
    Cinemania is a 2002 German / American documentary about five obsessed cinemaphiles, who, throughout the year, each see two to five films a day.-Cast:...

    , a 2002 German/US documentary about five obsessed cinemaphiles
  • Microsoft Cinemania
    Microsoft Cinemania
    Microsoft Cinemania. Interactive Movie Guide was a reference and educational application produced by Microsoft and published annually beginning in 1992. The software was mainly a database of films, in a similar fashion to the Internet Movie Database, and gave descriptions of the films and who...

    , a film database released annually by Microsoft between 1992 and 1997
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