Chuka may refer to:
  • Chuka, Kenya
    Chuka, Kenya
    Chuka is a town in Meru South District of Kenya about 70Km South Of Meru Town. It falls within Eastern Province and the people of the area are Kimeru speaking. It is on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya....

    , a town
  • Chuka, Tibet
    Chuka, Tibet
    Chuka is a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It lies at an altitude of 4095 metres . The village has a population of about 785.-See also:*List of towns and villages in Tibet...

    , a village
  • Chuka Umunna
    Chuka Umunna
    Chuka Harrison Umunna is a British Labour Party politician and employment lawyer. He has been the Member of Parliament for Streatham since 2010. After less than 18 months in Parliament, he was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Business Secretary by Labour Leader Ed Miliband on 7 October 2011...

     (born 1978), British Member of Parliament, commentator and lawyer
  • Stefano Okaka Chuka
    Stefano Okaka Chuka
    Stefano Chuka Okaka is an Italian footballer who currently plays as a striker for Italian Serie A club Roma.-Club career:...

     (born 1989), Italian football player
  • Chuka (film)
    Chuka (film)
    Chuka is a 1967 American western film starring Rod Taylor who also produced and worked on the screenplay. The film began a series of tough guy roles for Taylor. A story of honor, debt, and personal redemption, it was directed by Gordon Douglas and is based on 1961 novel by Richard Jessup, who...

    , a 1967 western starring Rod Taylor
  • Chuka (food), Japanese style Chinese food
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