Chronicles may refer to:
  • Books of Chronicles
    Books of Chronicles
    The Books of Chronicles are part of the Hebrew Bible. In the Masoretic Text, it appears as the first or last book of the Ketuvim . Chronicles largely parallels the Davidic narratives in the Books of Samuel and the Books of Kings...

    , in the Bible
  • Chronicle
    Generally a chronicle is a historical account of facts and events ranged in chronological order, as in a time line. Typically, equal weight is given for historically important events and local events, the purpose being the recording of events that occurred, seen from the perspective of the...

    : Medieval historical histories, like those in :Category:Chronicles
  • Holinshed's Chronicles
    Holinshed's Chronicles
    Holinshed's Chronicles, also known as Holinsheds Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, is a collaborative work published in several volumes and two editions, the first in 1577, and the second in 1587....

    , the collected works of Raphael Holinshed
  • Book of Chronicles, an alternate name for the Nuremberg Chronicle
    Nuremberg Chronicle
    right|thumbnail|240px|Fifth dayThe Nuremberg Chronicle is an illustrated Biblical paraphrase and world history that follows the story of human history related in the Bible; it includes the histories of a number of important Western cities. Written in Latin by Hartmann Schedel, with a version in...

     of 1493
  • Chronicles: Volume One
    Chronicles: Volume One
    Chronicles, Volume One is the first part of Bob Dylan's planned 3-volume memoir. Published on October 5, 2004, by Simon & Schuster, the 304-page volume covers selected points from Dylan's long career. The book spent 19 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list for hardcover nonfiction books...

    , Bob Dylan's autobiography.
  • Chronicles (magazine)
    Chronicles (magazine)
    Chronicles is a U.S. monthly magazine published by the Rockford Institute. Its full current name is Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. The magazine is known for promoting anti-globalism, anti-intervention and anti-immigration stances within conservative politics, and is considered one of...

    , a conservative magazine from the Rockford Institute.
  • Chronicles (Magic: The Gathering)
    Chronicles (Magic: The Gathering)
    Chronicles was the twelfth Magic: The Gathering set, and the first compilation set, released in July 1995 by Wizards of the Coast. The set is one of two sets that have been sold in twelve-card booster packs, the other having been Alliances....

    , an expansion set of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game


  • Chronicles (David Arkenstone album) released in 1993 by David Arkenstone
  • Chronicles (Free album)
    Chronicles (Free album)
    -Track listing:...

     released in 2006 by Free
  • Chronicles (Jon & Vangelis album)
    Chronicles (Jon & Vangelis album)
    -Track listing:# I Hear You Now # He Is Sailing # Thunder # Beside # Birdsong # Play Within a Play # And When the Night Comes # Deborah # Curious Electric # Friends of Mr...

     released in 1994 by Jon & Vangelis
  • Chronicles (Rush album) released in 1990 by Rush
  • Chronicles (Steve Winwood album)
    Chronicles (Steve Winwood album)
    Chronicles is the first compilation album by blue-eyed soul artist Steve Winwood. The album contains some of his major hits and several remixes up to this point. One track, "Valerie", was originally released as a single for Winwood's 1982 album, Talking Back to the Night...

     released in 1987 by Steve Winwood
  • Chronicles (Velvet Underground album)
    Chronicles (Velvet Underground album)
    Chronicles is a compilation album by The Velvet Underground. It was initially released for the Australian market by Mercury Records in 1991 as part of their "Startrax" series of budget compilations. The album was also made available in Europe....

    released in 1991 by The Velvet Underground
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