Chaos magic
Chaos magic is a school of the modern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic
Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition centered on the linking of practice and theory. It describes a process where theory is extracted from practice, and applied back to practice to form what is called intelligent practice...

 use of belief system
Belief system
A belief system is a set of mutually supportive beliefs. The beliefs may be religious, philosophical, ideological or a combination of these.The British philosopher Stephen Law has described some belief systems as "claptrap" and said that they "draw people in and hold them captive so they become...

s and the creation of new and unorthodox methods.
Although there are a few techniques unique to chaos magic (such as some forms of sigil magic
Sigil (magic)
A sigil is a symbol created for a specific magical purpose. A sigil is usually made up of a complex combination of several specific symbols or geometric figures, each with a specific meaning or intent.- Name and origin :...

), chaos magic is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems , due to chaos magic having a central belief that belief is a tool.