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Aztec mythology
The aztec civilization recognized a polytheistic mythology, which contained the many deities and supernatural creatures from their religious beliefs. "orlando"- History :...

, the Centzonmimixcoa (or Centzon Mimixcoa, the "Four Hundred alike Mixcoatl") are the gods of the northern stars.

The Aztec gods of the southern stars are the Centzonuitznaua
In Aztec mythology, the Centzonuitznahua were the gods of the southern stars. They are the evil elder sons of Coatlicue, and their sister is Coyolxauhqui...


According to the Manuscript of 1558, section 6, these 400 'Cloud-Serpents' were divinely slain [= transformed into stars] in this wise :- of 4 their protagonists,
  • Quauhtli-icohuauh ('Eagle's Twin') "hid inside a tree";
  • Mix-coatl ('Cloud Serpent') "hid within the earth";
  • Tlo-tepetl ('Hawk Mountain') "hid within a hill";
  • Apan-teuctli ('River Lord') "hid in the water";
  • their sister, Cuetlach-cihuatl, "hid in the ball court."

From this ambuscade these 4 slew the 400.
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