A centurion
A centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army .Centurion may also refer to:-Military:* Centurion tank, British battle tank* HMS Centurion, name of several ships and a shore base of the British Royal Navy...

was a professional officer of the Roman army .

Centurion may also refer to:


  • Centurion tank
    Centurion tank
    The Centurion, introduced in 1945, was the primary British main battle tank of the post-World War II period. It was a successful tank design, with upgrades, for many decades...

    , British battle tank
  • HMS Centurion
    HMS Centurion
    Eight ships and a shore establishment of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Centurion, after the centurions of ancient Rome. A ninth ship was planned but never built....

    , name of several ships and a shore base of the British Royal Navy
  • Centurion Counter-RAM
    Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar, abbreviated C-RAM or Counter-RAM, is a system used to detect and/or destroyincoming artillery, rockets and mortar rounds in the air before they hit their ground targets, or simply provide early warning....

    , land based version of the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System


  • Centurion (bicycle)
    Centurion (bicycle)
    Centurion was a brand of bicycles created in 1969 by Mitchell M. Weiner and Junya Yamakoshi, who co-founded Western States Import Co. in Canoga Park, California to design, specify, distribute and market the bicycles. The bikes themselves were manufactured initially in Japan by companies...

    , brand of bicycles, manufactured in Japan
  • Centurion Engines, German series of aircraft engines
  • Buick Centurion
    Buick Centurion
    The Buick Centurion was sold by the Buick division of General Motors from 1971 through 1973, replacing the Buick Wildcat as the sporty rendition of Buick's full-size car. The Centurion name was inspired by a Buick concept car, that name coming from the professional officer in the Roman Army...

    , car built by General Motors
  • Cessna 210 Centurion, aircraft
  • Centurion Air Cargo
    Centurion Air Cargo
    Centurion Air Cargo is a cargo airline with its headquarters in Building 706 on the grounds of Miami International Airport in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. It operates all-cargo services to Central America and South America, serving 16 scheduled destinations. It specializes in...

    , an airline


  • Centurion (novel)
    Centurion (novel)
    Centurion is a novel written by Simon Scarrow, published by Headline Book Publishing in 2007. It is book 8 in the Eagle series, continuing Macro and Cato's adventures in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire that began in The Eagle in the Sand. -Summary:In between the two great powers of Rome...

    , a 2007 novel by Simon Scarrow
  • The Centurions (TV series)
    The Centurions (TV series)
    The Centurions is a syndicated 30 minute American science fiction animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears and animated in Japan by Sunrise. Comic book legends Jack Kirby and Gil Kane contributed to the design and concepts of the show....

    , American animated television series and action figure line
  • Centurion (film)
    Centurion (film)
    Centurion is a 2010 British action thriller film directed by Neil Marshall, loosely based on the supposed disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion in Caledonia in the second century CE. The film stars Michael Fassbender, Olga Kurylenko and Dominic West....

    , a 2010 historical thriller directed by Neil Marshall
  • The Centurion: A Novel, by Jan de Hartog
    Jan de Hartog
    Jan de Hartog was a Dutch playwright, novelist and occasional social critic who moved to the United States in the early 1960s and became a Quaker.- Early years :...

  • Centurion: Defender of Rome
    Centurion: Defender of Rome
    Centurion: Defender of Rome is a turn-based strategy video game with real-time battle sequences, designed by Kellyn Beck and Bits of Magic and published by Electronic Arts. Originally released on the DOS platform for the PC in 1990, the game was later ported to the Amiga and the Mega Drive in 1991...

    , computer game
  • Centurion Cylon
    Cylon (Battlestar Galactica)
    The Cylons are a cybernetic civilization at war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity in the Battlestar Galactica science fiction franchise, in the original 1978 and 1980 series, the 2004 reimagining, as well as the spin-off prequel series, Caprica...

    , a fictional robotic warrior in Battlestar Galactica
  • Centurion, a fictional officer in the Romulan
    The Romulans are a fictional alien race in the Star Trek universe. First appearing in the original Star Trek series in the 1966 episode "Balance of Terror", they have since made appearances in all the main later Star Trek series: The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager...

     Star Empire in the science fiction franchise Star Trek
  • In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, known in Japan as , is a console role-playing game developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai for the Wii as a cross of spin-off and sequel to Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of...

    the Centurions are the servants of the summon spirit Ratatosk


  • Centurion Park
    Centurion Park
    SuperSport Park, is a cricket ground in Centurion, Gauteng Province, South Africa.It was renamed from Centurion Park after a television company Supersport bought shares in the stadium...

    , South African cricket ground
  • Leigh Centurions
    Leigh Centurions
    Leigh Centurions is an English professional rugby league club based in Leigh, Greater Manchester who play in the Co-operative Championship.The club was founded in 1878 as Leigh Rugby Football Club and is one of the original twenty-two clubs that formed the Northern Rugby Football Union in...

    , English rugby league club
  • A batsman in cricket who scores a Century
    Century (cricket)
    In the sport of cricket, a batsman reaches his century when he scores 100 or more runs in a single innings. The term is also included in "century partnership" which occurs when two batsmen add 100 runs to the team total when they are batting together. A century is regarded as a landmark score for...

     (100 runs), in a single innings
  • Centurions (gridiron team)
    Centurions (gridiron team)
    The Centurions are a gridiron football club established in 2007, competing in the ACT Gridiron league.-See also:*ACT Gridiron*American footballCenturions Juniors...

     from Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Centurion (racewalking)
    Centurion (racewalking)
    The Brotherhood of Centurions is a club for which racewalkers are eligible who have completed a distance of 100 miles in Britain within 24 hours...

     a racewalking competition over 100 miles to be completed within 24 hours


  • Cornelius the Centurion, a New Testament figure
  • The Centurions (band), an American instrumental rock band
  • Centurion Card
    Centurion Card
    The Centurion Card, known informally as the black card, is a charge card issued by American Express.The card is available in select markets, mainly the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, areas of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the Middle East...

    , American Express charge card
  • Rutgers Centurion
    Rutgers Centurion
    The Centurion is a conservative magazine focused on Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Its motto is "veritas vos liberabit," which is Latin for "the truth shall set you free." The magazine attempts to counterbalance that which its staff perceive as a predominant orthodoxy of social...

    , magazine at Rutgers University, New Jersey, United States
  • Statgraphics
    Statgraphics is a statistics package that performs and explains basic and advanced statistical functions. The software was created in 1980 by Dr. Neil Polhemus...

     Centurion XV, statistical software
  • Centurion (game)
    Centurion (game)
    Centurion, also known as Century Club, Century Challenge, One-Hunzy-Hunzy, Chicken of the North, Hundred's Club and Century Clock in North America and the UK, is a drinking game. Although there are variations in the rules, a basic premise remains; drink one hundred shots of beer in as many minutes...

    , a drinking game
  • Centurion (tree)
    Centurion (tree)
    The Centurion is the tallest Swamp Gum tree in the world, thus making Eucalyptus regnans the second highest tree species in the world after Coast Redwood and the highest angiosperm in world...

    , tallest eucalypt in the world, 99.6 metres high
  • Centurion (grape), a California wine grape

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  • Centurian (disambiguation)
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  • Centenarian
    A centenarian is a person who is or lives beyond the age of 100 years. Because current average life expectancies across the world are less than 100, the term is invariably associated with longevity. Much rarer, a supercentenarian is a person who has lived to the age of 110 or more, something only...

    a one hundred year old person
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