Catalano, originally an adjective or derived substantive indicating something or someone Catalan, can refer to the following persons:
  • Eduardo Catalano
    Eduardo Catalano
    Eduardo Fernando Catalano was an Argentine architect.-Biography:Born in Buenos Aires, Catalano came to the United States on a scholarship to the Universities of Pennsylvania and Harvard...

    , Argentinian architect and sculptor
  • Giuseppe Catalani
    Giuseppe Catalani
    Giuseppe Catalani, 1698 - 1764, also known as Catalano or Catalanus, was a Roman Catholic liturgist of the eighteenth century, a member of the Hieronymite Oratory of San Girolamo della Carità....

    , Roman liturgist
  • Professor Nick Catalano
    Nick Catalano
    Dr. Nick Catalano is a professor of English at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York and lives in New York City and East Hampton, New York.He is director of the university's Performing Arts Music and Literature Program...

    , author
  • Patti Catalano
    Patti Catalano
    Patti Catalano Dillon is a former long-distance runner from the United States who is recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations as having set world bests in the half marathon, 30 kilometers, and 20 kilometers...

    , American long-distance runner
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