Carmine Coppola (footballer)
For the composer see Carmine Coppola
Carmine Coppola
Carmine Coppola was an American composer, flautist, editor, musical director, and songwriter. Coppola was a composer and conductor who contributed to many of the musical scores in The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part III, and Apocalypse Now directed by his son Francis Ford...

Carmine Coppola (born 10 January 1979) is an Italian footballer who plays as midfielder
A midfielder is an association football position. Some midfielders play a more defensive role, while others blur the boundaries between midfielders and forwards. The number of midfielders a team uses during a match may vary, depending on the team's formation and each individual player's role...

 for A.C.R. Messina.


Coppola joined AlbinoLeffe
U.C. AlbinoLeffe
Unione Calcio AlbinoLeffe is an Italian association football club based in Leffe and also representing the town of Albino, in the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy. AlbinoLeffe plays its home games at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia stadium, in the city of Bergamo, and its official colors are dark blue and...

 in 2000 in co-ownership deal
Co-ownership (football)
Co-ownership is a system whereby two football clubs own the contract of a player jointly, although the player is only registered to play for one club...

. In June 2001 AlbinoLeffe acquired the remain 50% registration rights from Vicenza. He then sold to Messina in 2001.

In January 2007, Coppola exchanged with Andrea Giallombardo
Andrea Giallombardo
Andrea Giallombardo is an Italian football defender who currently plays for U.S. Grosseto F.C. on loan from Ascoli Calcio 1898.-Football career:In January 2007, Carmine Coppola changed club with Giallombardo....

 on loan, making his Serie A debut in Livorno on January 14 against Atalanta. He then signed a new contract with the club. He was released after the bankrupt of Messina. He joined Serie B team Frosinone
Frosinone Calcio
Frosinone Calcio is an Italian association football club, based in Frosinone, Lazio. The club was founded in 1928 and refounded in 1991, following cancellation by the Italian Football Federation.It in the season 2011-12 plays in Lega Pro Prima Divisione/B....

. He moved again in December on free transfer.

In August 2009 he terminated his contract with Salernitana
Salernitana Calcio 1919
Salerno Calcio, or simply Salerno is an Italian association football club from Salerno, Campania.The club is not the legitimate heir of the former Salernitana Calcio 1919, but there is however a sports continuity between the two companies thanks to Article 52 NOIF of FIGC, and the fact that they...

, and joined Arezzo
A.C. Arezzo
Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Atletico Arezzo is an Italian association football club based in Arezzo, Tuscany...


In January 2010 he left for Taranto
Taranto Sport
A.S. Taranto Calcio is an Italian association football club, based in Taranto, Apulia. The club was founded in 1904. Taranto currently plays in Lega Pro Prima Divisione, having last been in Serie B in 1993. The team's colors are red and blue.-History:...

. In July he joined SPAL
Spal 1907
SPAL 1907 is an Italian football club, based in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna. The club was founded in 1907 as Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor and was refounded in 2005....

. In August 2011, he returned to Messina, a Serie D
Serie D
Serie D is the top level of the Italian non-professional football association called Lega Nazionale Dilettanti. The association represents over a million football players and thousands of football teams across Italy. Serie D ranks just below Lega Pro Seconda Divisione , and is thus considered the...


Coppola also appeared for the Italian national team
Italy national football team
The Italy National Football Team , represents Italy in association football and is controlled by the Italian Football Federation , the governing body for football in Italy. Italy is the second most successful national team in the history of the World Cup having won four titles , just one fewer than...

 in two friendly matches played on 2005 against Serbia and Montenegro and Ecuador
Ecuador national football team
The Ecuadorian national football team represents Ecuador in international football competitions and is controlled by the Ecuadorian Football Federation. They generally play official home matches at Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa in Quito, but often play friendlies in other stadiums around the country...


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