Capital IQ
Standard & Poor's Capital IQ is a provider of information and analytical tools for investment bankers, money managers, and other financial professionals.

Business description

Standard & Poor's Capital IQ provides web-based information services that combine information on companies worldwide along with a variety of software applications that allow financial professionals to analyze company fundamentals, build financial models, screen for investment ideas, and execute other financial research tasks. Capital IQ serves more than 4,200 clients, including investment banks, investment management firms, private equity firms, universities, consultants, and corporations. Its competitors include Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters Corporation is a provider of information for the world's businesses and professionals and is created by the Thomson Corporation's purchase of Reuters Group on 17 April 2008. Thomson Reuters is headquartered at 3 Times Square, New York City, USA...

, Bloomberg L.P.
Bloomberg L.P.
Bloomberg L.P. is an American privately held financial software, media, and data company. Bloomberg makes up one third of the $16 billion global financial data market with estimated revenue of $6.9 billion. Bloomberg L.P...

 and FactSet Research Systems
FactSet Research Systems
FactSet Research Systems is a financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, CT. The company provides financial information and analytic software for investment professionals. For fiscal year 2010, FactSet's annual sales were $641 million....

,etc. Components of Capital IQ’s offering include data on public companies, private companies, auditable company financials, M&A/financing transactions, public offerings, corporate executives and board directors, compensation, news, filings, screening tools, chart builder, Excel Plug-In modeling tool, real-time market data and news, relationship tree, macroeconomic data, industry analyses, investment research, and more.

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