Canas or Cañas may refer to:

  • Alberto Cañas Escalante
    Alberto Cañas Escalante
    Alberto Cañas Escalante is a Costa Rican politician, as well as a diplomat, lawyer and playwright. He co-founded one of Costa Rica's biggest law firms, Facio & Cañas. He was considered a very important figure in the cultural, political and social life of Costa Rica in the second half of the...

    , Costa Rican politician
  • Antonio José Cañas
    Antonio José Cañas
    Antonio José Cañas Quintanilla was a Salvadoran military officer, diplomat, and politician. For two brief periods he was head of state of the State of El Salvador, within the Federal Republic of Central America ....

    , Salvadoran military officer, diplomat and politician
  • Carlos Cañas
    Carlos Cañas
    Carlos Cañas is a Salvadoran painter.He studied art and theory in the School of Arts of El Salvador. In 1950 he received a scholarship to study in Madrid art, history, esthetics, and literature....

    , Salvadoran painter
  • Guillermo Cañas
    Guillermo Cañas
    Guillermo Ignacio Cañas , often referred to as Willy Cañas, is a retired Argentine professional tennis player. He was born in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, and named after Argentine tennis star Guillermo Vilas. His highest singles ranking was 8th . After retirement Cañas took on coaching, he...

    , Argentinian professional tennis player
  • Jorge Cañas
    Jorge Cañas
    Jorge Joaquín Cañas Cerna, nicknamed El Cuto, was a Salvadoran football player.-Club career:Born in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Cañas played most of his career at local giants C.D. FAS, with whom he won the league title in 1962 and in 1971.-External links:* - CD FAS...

    , Salvadoran footballer
  • José María Cañas
    José María Cañas
    José María Cañas Escamilla was a Costa Rican military figure, born in Suchitoto, El Salvador.He moved to Costa Rica in 1842 along with General Francisco Morazán, where he married Guadalupe Mora Porras, sister of President Juan Rafael Mora Porras.He was named Secretary of War during the Mora Porras...

    , Costa Rican military officer and politician
  • José Marín Cañas
    José Marín Cañas
    José Marín Cañas was born in San José, Costa Rica in 1904. His parents were Spanish, and he was educated in both Costa Rica and Spain. He worked in various occupations, most importantly journalism, which included his doing radio broadcasts of football matches. His literary career began in 1928, at...

    , Costa Rican journalist and writer
  • Juan José Cañas
    Juan José Cañas
    Juan José Cañas is perhaps most famous for the writing of Himno Nacional De El Salvador with Italian-born composer Juan Aberle....

    , co-author of the National Hymn of El Salvador
  • Juan José Cañas Gutiérrez
    Juan José Cañas Gutiérrez
    Juan José Cañas Gutiérrez is a retired Spanish footballer who played as a midfielder, in a career intimately connected with Betis.-Football career:...

    , former Spanish footballer
  • Ricardo Moreno Cañas
    Ricardo Moreno Cañas
    Ricardo Moreno Cañas was a Costa Rican politician. He was assassinated by Beltrán Cortés....

    , Costa Rican politician
  • Vicente Cañas
    Vicente Cañas
    Vicente Cañas, S.J. was a Spanish Christian missionary and Jesuit brother, who is credited with making the first peaceful contact with the Enawene Nawe Indian tribe in 1974. Afterwards, he lived with them for over ten years, adopting to their way of life and helping them with necessary medical...

    , Spanish Christian missionary and Jesuit brother

  • Amatlán de Cañas
    Amatlán de Cañas
    Amatlán de Cañas is a municipality and municipal seat in the southwest of the Mexican state of Nayarit. The population in 2005 was 10,392 in a total area of 765 km², which made up 2.77% of the surface of the state. The municipal seat had a population of 3,275 in 2005...

    , a municipality in Nayarit, Mexico
  • Cañas Canton
    Cañas Canton
    Cañas is the sixth canton in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 682.20 km², and has a population of 25,897. Its capital city is also called Cañas.The elongated canton touches the Río Tempisque in the southwest...

    , in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica
  • Cañas, Costa Rica, capital of the Cañas Canton
  • Cañas, La Rioja
    Cañas, La Rioja
    Cañas is a municipality of La Rioja, Spain. It was the birthplace of Saint Dominic of Silos .The abbey of Santa María y San Salvador de Cañas for Cistercian nuns was founded in this town by Lope Díaz I de Haro and his wife Aldonza in 1169 and 1170. Its wealth and power culminated during the 13th...

    , in Spain
  • Canas, Peru, a province in the Cusco region
    Cusco Region
    Cusco is a region in Peru. It is bordered by the Ucayali Region on the north; the Madre de Dios and Puno regions on the east; the Arequipa Region on the south; and the Apurímac, Ayacucho and Junín regions on the west...

     of Peru
  • Canas, São Paulo
    Canas, São Paulo
    Canas is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2004 is 3,970 and the area is 50.9 km². The elevation is 530 m....

    , a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil
  • Canas de Senhorim
    Canas de Senhorim
    Canas de Senhorim is a town and civil parish located in the municipality of Nelas, Portugal. Canas de Senhorim would be unknown to the majority of the Portuguese if not for its continuous fight to become a separate municipality. The town had already been a municipality of its own until 1852 when it...

    , a town in the municipality of Nelas, Portugal
  • Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas", in El Salvador
  • Villar de Cañas
    Villar de Cañas
    Villar de Cañas is a municipality located in the province of Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. According to the 2004 census , the municipality has a population of 457 inhabitants....

    , a municipality in Cuenca, Spain
  • Canas, a barrio in Ponce, Puerto Rico
    Ponce, Puerto Rico
    Ponce is both a city and a municipality in the southern part of Puerto Rico. The city is the seat of the municipal government.The city of Ponce, the fourth most populated in Puerto Rico, and the most populated outside of the San Juan metropolitan area, is named for Juan Ponce de León y Loayza, the...

  • Canas (Fire Emblem)
    Fire Emblem
    is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems , the maker of Advance Wars , and published by Nintendo...

    , a Shaman in the game Fire Emblem
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