Camillo Ranzani
Camillo Ranzani was an Italian priest
Priesthood (Catholic Church)
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 and a naturalist
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. He was director of the Museum of Natural History of Bologna from 1803 to 1841 (now the Museum of Comparative Anatomy, one of the museums of the University of Bologna
University of Bologna
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). Ranzani wrote Elementi di zoologia which was published in Bologna from 1819-1825.


Animals named in honour of Ranzani include:
  • Ranzania
    Slender sunfish
    The Slender sunfish, Ranzania laevis, is a mola of the family Molidae, the only member of the genus Ranzania, found globally in tropical and temperate seas. Its length is up to 1 m.-References:...

    Giovanni Domenico Nardo
    Giovanni Domenico Nardo was an Italian naturalist from Venice, although he spent most of his life in Chioggia, home port of the biggest fishing flotilla of the Adriatic....

    , 1840
    , a genus of sunfish
  • Cymatium ranzanii
    Cymatium ranzanii
    Cymatium ranzanii is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Ranellidae, the triton snails, triton shells or tritons....

    (Bianconi, 1850), a species of predatory sea snail

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