Call processing
In telecommunication
Telecommunication is the transmission of information over significant distances to communicate. In earlier times, telecommunications involved the use of visual signals, such as beacons, smoke signals, semaphore telegraphs, signal flags, and optical heliographs, or audio messages via coded...

, the term call processing has the following meanings:
  1. The sequence of operations performed by a switching system
    Telephone exchange
    In the field of telecommunications, a telephone exchange or telephone switch is a system of electronic components that connects telephone calls...

     from the acceptance of an incoming call
    Telephone call
    A telephone call is a connection over a telephone network between the calling party and the called party.-Information transmission:A telephone call may carry ordinary voice transmission using a telephone, data transmission when the calling party and called party are using modems, or facsimile...

     through the final disposition of the call. See call control
    Call control
    In telephony, call control refers to the software within a telephone switch that supplies its central function. Call control decodes addressing information and routes telephone calls from one end point to another. It also creates the features that can be used to adapt standard switch operation to...

     for a more complete description
  2. The end-to-end sequence of operations performed by a network
    Telecommunications network
    A telecommunications network is a collection of terminals, links and nodes which connect together to enable telecommunication between users of the terminals. Networks may use circuit switching or message switching. Each terminal in the network must have a unique address so messages or connections...

     from the instant a call attempt is initiated until the instant the call release is completed.
  3. In data transmission
    Data transmission
    Data transmission, digital transmission, or digital communications is the physical transfer of data over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel. Examples of such channels are copper wires, optical fibres, wireless communication channels, and storage media...

    , the operations required to complete all three phases of an information transfer
    Information transfer
    In telecommunications, information transfer is the process of moving messages containing user information from a source to a sink.Note: The information transfer rate may or may not be equal to the transmission modulation rate.-See also:...

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