CD3 or CD-3 may be:
  • CD3 (immunology), an antigen, cluster of differentiation protein (immunology), part of the T cell receptor (TCR) complex on a mature T lymphocyte
  • Ford CD3 platform
    Ford CD3 platform
    The Ford CD3 platform is a Ford global midsize car automobile platform. It was designed by Mazda. The original Mazda chassis code for the CD3 platform is Mazda G platform, which Ford Motor Company has used every evolution of since 1983...

  • MediaMax CD-3
    MediaMax CD-3
    MediaMax CD-3 is a software package created by SunnComm and was sold as a form of copy protection for compact discs. It was used by the record label RCA Records/BMG, and targets both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Some users regard the software as a form of malware since its purpose is to...

    , copy protection scheme
  • MiniCD, a 3-inch CD
    • 3-inch CD single
      3-inch CD single
      The mini CD single is a mini Compact Disc that measures in diameter, rather than the standard . They are manufactured using the same methods as standard full-size CDs, and can be played in most standard audio CD players and CD-ROM disc drives...

  • Color Developing Agent 3, the color developer for E-6 process
    E-6 process
    The E-6 process is a chromogenic photographic process for developing Ektachrome, Fujichrome and other color reversal photographic film....

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