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In commercial flight, buy on board (BoB) is a system where food or beverages are paid for on board; often food or beverages are not included in the ticket price for certain fare classes.

Starting in 2003, many United States air carriers began eliminating free meal services in economy classes on North American flights and replacing them with buy on board services. By 2009, many US carriers had established buy on board as part of an à la carte
À la carte
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 pricing movement. Around that year, US carriers began using celebrity-named and brand name products to make their buy on board products generate more revenue. Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines
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, the last large United States carrier to offer free meals on all domestic flights, announced in March 2010 that it would begin a buy on board program in fall 2010 and end many of its free meal programs on domestic flights. Jeff Green of Businessweek
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described the end of Continental's program as an "end of an era."

As the airline market in the United States became deregulated
Airline Deregulation Act
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, airlines began to compete by price. Airline ticket prices began to decrease, and airlines began to charge extra for services that were once included in the airfare.

In the United States
United States
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, passengers increasingly began to bring their own foods on board to avoid paying for buy on board. In the 2000s US Airways
US Airways
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 briefly charged for soft drinks, but then reversed course. According to Joe Brancantelli of, the competitors of US Airways admitted that charging for food and snack boxes does not increase profits; Brancatelli explains that airlines say that because they now charge for food and snacks, they no longer "lose" money by providing meals at no additional cost to economy class passengers.

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