A burn
A burn is an injury to flesh caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation, or friction.Burn may also refer to:*Combustion*Burn , type of watercourses so named in Scotland and north-eastern England...

is an injury to flesh caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation, or friction.

Burn may also refer to:
  • Combustion
    Combustion or burning is the sequence of exothermic chemical reactions between a fuel and an oxidant accompanied by the production of heat and conversion of chemical species. The release of heat can result in the production of light in the form of either glowing or a flame...

  • Burn (topography), type of watercourses so named in Scotland and north-eastern England
  • Burn (video game)
    Burn (video game)
    Burn is a first-person shooter computer game released in 2007 developed by Destan Entertainment and produced by Teyon.The player can choose between 13 arenas and 5 characters and fight in single-player and multi-player mode...

    , computer game released in 2007
  • Burning, a synonym for optical disc authoring
    Optical disc authoring
    Optical disc authoring, including DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring , is the process of assembling source material—video, audio or other data—into the proper logical volume format to then be recorded onto an optical disc .-Process:To burn an optical disc, one usually first creates an...

  • Burn (energy drink)
    Burn (energy drink)
    Burn is a high sugar, high caffeine content energy drink with a citrus flavor that comes in a 8.3 or 16.9 oz can. The drink is distributed in several countries by The Coca-Cola Company.-Burn Action Sports:...

    , Burn (and Burn Sugar Free), energy drinks among Coca-Cola brands
  • Dodging and burning, a type of photographic manipulation
  • Burn card
    Burn card
    In card games, a burn card is a playing card dealt from the top of a deck, and discarded , unused by the players. Burn cards are almost always placed face down next to the discard pile without being revealed to the players....

    , card discarded from the top of a deck

Films, books and TV Shows

  • Burn!
    Burn! is a 1969 film directed by Gillo Pontecorvo; starring Marlon Brando. The plot is loosely based on events in the history of Guadeloupe.The main character is named after William Walker, the famous American filibuster...

    , the English title of Gillo Pontecorvo's 1969 film Queimada
  • Burn (1998 film), a 1998 film directed by Scott Storm and starring David Hayter
    David Hayter
    David Hayter is a Canadian-American voice and screen actor and screenwriter. He is best known for providing the English voices of Solid Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear video game series, and for writing the screenplay for X-Men and co-writing the screenplay for The Scorpion King and X2...

  • Burn (novella)
    Burn (novella)
    "Burn" is a science fiction novella published in 2005 by James Patrick Kelly. It won the 2007 Nebula Award for Best Novella.-Plot summary:The story follows Prosper Gregory Leung, a farmer who has been recruited to help fight forest fires on his home planet of Walden...

    , a 2005 novel by James Patrick Kelly


  • Burn (UK band)
    Burn (UK Band)
    Burn are a heavy rock band from Loughborough, England. Formed in 1991, the original line-up comprised Jeff Ogden on vocals, Rab Devenney on lead guitar, Marc Stackhouse on bass guitar, Barney Stackhouse on keyboard, and Karl Bee on drums. After Bee's death following a motorcycling accident, Rob...

    , a heavy rock band from Loughborough, England
  • Burn (American band), a New York hardcore band


  • Burn (Deep Purple album), a 1974 album by Deep Purple
  • Burn (Peach album)
    Burn (Peach album)
    Burn is the title of English metal band Peach's fourth release, released in 1993. It is now extremely rare.-Credits:* Simon Oakes – Vocals* Rob Havis – Drums* Ben Durling – Guitar* Justin Chancellor – Bass...

    , 1993
  • Burn (Sister Machine Gun album)
    Burn (Sister Machine Gun album)
    Burn is an album by industrial rock band Sister Machine Gun.-Track listing:# Red# Overload# Hole in the Ground# Disease# Burn# Dispossessed# Better Than Me# Snake# I Don't Believe# Inside-Notes:...

    , a 1995 album by Sister Machine Gun
  • Burn Burn (album)
    Burn Burn (album)
    Burn Burn is the seventh and most recent studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, released in North America on July 21, 2009...

    , a 2009 album by Our Lady Peace
  • Burn (Jo Dee Messina album)
    Burn (Jo Dee Messina album)
    Burn is the third studio album by American country music artist Jo Dee Messina, released in August of 2000 by Curb Records.Her first No. 1 Billboard album on the Top Country Albums charts, it also hit No. 19 on the Billboard 200...

    , a 2000 album by Jo Dee Messina
  • Burn (Burn EP), by US hardcore band Burn
  • Burn (Fear Factory EP)
    Burn (Fear Factory EP)
    Burn is an EP by American industrial metal band Fear Factory, released in 1997 by Roadrunner Records. The title track, "Burn" is a remix of "Flashpoint" , which appears on the Remanufacture album. Burn has sold over 5,000 copies.-Track listing:...

  • Burn (Defiance EP)
    Burn (Defiance EP)
    Burn is the second EP released by the American anarcho street punk band Defiance, released on Consensus Reality Records in 1995.- Track listing :A side#Success Unattainable - 1:47#Concealed Genocide - 3:13B side#Hands Of The Few - 2:26...


  • "Burn" (Tina Arena song)
    Burn (Tina Arena song)
    "Burn" was covered by American country singer Jo Dee Messina for her third studio album Burn. It was released as the second single in October 2000, and peaked at #2 on the US Country charts in February 2001.-Music video:...

    , a song from Tina Arena's 1997 album In Deep
  • "Burn" (Mobb Deep song)
    Burn (Mobb Deep song)
    "Burn" is the first single from Mobb Deep's fifth album Infamy. The song features Big Noyd and Vita. On the album, the track is listed as "The Learning ".-Track listing:Side A#"Burn" [Clean Version]Side B#"Burn" [Dirty Version]...

  • "Burn" (Usher song)
    Burn (Usher song)
    "Burn" is a song by American R&B singer Usher, which he wrote with American songwriters Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox. The song was produced by Dupri and Cox for Usher's fourth studio album, Confessions...

    , a song from Usher's 2004 album Confessions
  • "Burn" (Alkaline Trio song)
    Burn (Alkaline Trio song)
    "Burn" is a song by the Chicago-based punk rock band Alkaline Trio, released as the third single from their 2005 album Crimson. It peaked at #34 on the UK Singles Chart. The single was released as both a compact disc and a pair of vinyl 7-inches, each containing different demo, remix, and alternate...

    , a song by Alkaline Trio on their 2005 album Crimson
  • "Burn" (Nine Inch Nails song)
    Burn (Nine Inch Nails song)
    "Burn" is a promotional single by Nine Inch Nails released from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. Because this is a promo-only single, it has never been featured with its own official halo. It was included as a bonus track on the tenth anniversary Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral, and also...

    , a song by Nine Inch Nails featured on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
  • "Burn" (Jessica Mauboy song)
    Burn (Jessica Mauboy song)
    "Burn" is a song by Australian R&B singer Jessica Mauboy. It was written by Mauboy, Taj Jackson, Mich Hansen, David Musumeci and Jonas Jeberg. Following the chart success of Mauboy's lead single, "Running Back", "Burn" was released as the second single off Mauboy's debut album Been Waiting on 22...

    , a song from Jessica Mauboy's debut studio album Been Waiting
  • "Burn" (Deep Purple song)
    Burn (Deep Purple song)
    "Burn" is a song by British rock band Deep Purple. It was released on the album of the same name in 1974, and was the first song by the Mark III lineup.The song remained the band's concert opener for the next two years, taking over from "Highway Star". It opened Deep Purple's set on the California...

    , a song by Deep Purple on their 1974 album Burn
  • "Burn" (Industry song)
    Burn (Industry song)
    "Burn" is the follow-up single of the Irish boy/girl band Industry to the debut chart topping single "My Baby's Waiting" in the Irish Singles Chart...

    , a song by Industry in 2009
  • "Burn" (Elemeno P song)
    Burn (Elemeno P Song)
    "Burn" is a single from New Zealand Band, Elemeno P it came from their second album, Trouble in Paradise. The video for this single is set mainly in the satan's paradise casino.-Track listing:#Burn#Trouble In Paradise#Burn ...

    , a 2005 single from New Zealand rock band Elemeno P
  • "Burn: Fumetsu no Face", a song by B'z released in 2008
  • "Burn", a song by Rancid on the album Let's Go
  • Burn (The Cure song) is a song by The Cure
    The Cure
    The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with frontman, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member...

     featured on The Crow Soundtrack
    The Crow (album)
    The soundtrack to the movie The Crow was released in 1994. Its biggest hit song was "Big Empty" by the Stone Temple Pilots, which was also on their album Purple.-Album information:...

  • "Burn", a song by Shannon Noll on his 2004 album That's What I'm Talking About
    That's What I'm Talking About
    That's What I'm Talking About is the debut album by Australian singer Shannon Noll, released on 8 February 2004 . The album includes a longer version of his number one smash-hit, 5x Platinum debut single, "What About Me", the Bryan Adams penned Top 5 single, "Drive", as well as the number one...

  • "Burn", a song by Mushroomhead on their 2006 album Savior Sorrow
    Savior Sorrow
    Savior Sorrow is the sixth studio album release and the follow-up to 2003's XIII by the Cleveland, Ohio based industrial metal band Mushroomhead. It is their first release through Megaforce Records...

  • "Burn", a song by Collective Soul found on their album Home
    Home (Collective Soul/Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra album)
    Home: A Live Concert Recording With The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra is a live album by Atlanta-based American alternative rock band, Collective Soul. The performance is from two live Atlanta concerts with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra...

  • "Burn", a song by Dope on their album Group Therapy
    Group Therapy (Dope album)
    Group Therapy is the third studio album by nu metal band Dope. The enhanced portion of the album contains a music video for each song. Group Therapy shows a different side of the band. The album uses a lot more acoustic guitars and generally has a much softer and less industrial sound.In the second...

  • "Burn", a song by Three Days Grace on their album Three Days Grace
    Three Days Grace (album)
    Three Days Grace is the self-titled debut album by Canadian rock band Three Days Grace, released on July 22, 2003.-Band name and background:...

  • "Burn", a song by Year of the Rabbit on their EP Hunted
    Hunted (album)
    Hunted is the 2003 debut EP from Year of the Rabbit, the band best known for being Ken Andrews' second post-Failure project.Hunted was financed independently by Ken Andrews, and was made available only from CD Baby, the iTunes Store, and the band themselves."Hunted" and "Rabbit Hole" are both...

  • "Burn", a song by Against Me! which first appeared on their 2001 EP Crime as Forgiven By
    Crime As Forgiven By
    Crime as Forgiven by Against Me!, or just Crime, was the second real release by the folk punk band Against Me!, but the first to actually achieve any level of circulation, due to their previous self-titled 12" only ever having 145 copies sold...

  • "Burn", a song by Fear Factory on the 1997 remix album Remanufacture - Cloning Technology
    Remanufacture - Cloning Technology
    The tracks "Genetic Blueprint" and "21st Century Jesus" featured on Infogrames Test Drive 5 which was released on PC and PlayStation in 1998. Additionally, the song "Remanufacture " was featured on the 2005 PSP video game Infected and is the theme song for the 2000 PC game Messiah...

  • "Burn", a song by Peach on their album Giving Birth to a Stone
    Giving Birth to a Stone
    Giving Birth to a Stone is the debut album of UK metal band Peach, released in 1994. It was re-released in 2000, with different artwork, designed by Adam Jones of Tool...

  • "Burn", a song by King Diamond on the 1990 album The Eye
    The Eye (King Diamond album)
    - Personnel :* King Diamond - vocals, keyboards* Andy LaRocque - guitars* Pete Blakk - guitars* Hal Patino - bass* Snowy Shaw - drums* Roberto Falcao - keyboards...

  • "Burn", a song by Michael Angelo Batio on his 2005 album Hands Without Shadows
    Hands Without Shadows
    -Credits:* Michael Angelo Batio – lead guitar, rhythm guitars, keyboards, production, arrangements* William Kopecky – five-string bass, fretless bass* Bobby Rock – drums* Mark Tremonti – guitar solo on "Burn"...

  • "Burn", a song by Sevendust on their 2007 album Alpha
    Alpha (Sevendust album)
    Target Exclusive Bonus TrackU.K. Import Bonus Tracks- Album :- Singles :- Personnel :* Lajon Witherspoon – lead vocals* John Connolly – guitar, backing vocals* Vinnie Hornsby – bass guitar* Morgan Rose – drums, backing vocals...

  • "Burn", a song by Apocalyptica on their 2007 album Worlds Collide
    Worlds Collide
    Worlds Collide is the sixth studio album from Finnish metal band Apocalyptica, released on September 14, 2007. It includes special guests Till Lindemann, Corey Taylor, Adam Gontier, Dave Lombardo, Tomoyasu Hotei, and Cristina Scabbia...

  • "Burn", a song by VanVelzen
    Roel van Velzen , better known as VanVelzen, is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Besides being known for his short stature, standing at a mere 4'11", he and his band enjoy a huge live reputation; they have played at virtually every festival in the Netherlands, shared the stage with Queen's Brian May, and...

    , released as a single in 2007
  • "Burn", a song by Doctor and the Medics
    Doctor and the Medics
    Doctor and the Medics are a London based psychedelic rock band which enjoyed greatest success in the 1980s and are best known for their UK No. 1 song, "Spirit in the Sky"...

  • "Burn", a song by Five Iron Frenzy from their 2003 album Cheeses...(of Nazareth)
    Cheeses...(of Nazareth)
    Cheeses... is an album by Five Iron Frenzy released in 2003. It contains a number of rarities and live tracks as a thank you to fans; the band would break up at the end of 2003...

  • "Burn", a song by The Luchagors from their album The Luchagors
    The Luchagors (album)
    The Luchagors has received positive reviews, and has been called "rip-snortin’, candy-coated blast of jumpy, insanely catchy punk rock" by Jeff Clark of Stomp and Stammer. Stewart Mason of Allmusic said of the album that it is an "easily digestible blend of ramalama bubble-punk" and went on to say...

  • "Burn", a song by Papa Roach from their album Time for Annihilation...On the Record and On the Road

Other uses

  • Burn-in, use of hardware early in its life-cycle, intended to improve user satisfaction
  • Burn-in (or screen burn) on display hardware, damage called phosphor burn-in
    Phosphor burn-in
    Screen burn-in, image burn-in or ghost image, colloquially known as screen burn or screen afterimage, is a permanent discoloration of areas on an electronic display such as a cathode ray tube display or computer display monitor or Television set caused by cumulative non-uniform usage of the...

  • Burn notice, an official statement issued between intelligence agencies stating that an individual or a group is or has become unreliable.
  • "Indian" (or "Chinese") burn, intentionally inflicted skin injury

  • C.U. Burn
    C.U. Burn
    C.U. Burn is a cult Irish language television comedy broadcast on the Irish language television channel TG4. It tells the tales of the County Donegal undertakers Charlie and Vincie Burn who run a turf-fueled crematorium. They are rivalled by another group of more professional undertakers led by...

    , a cult Irish language TV comedy series featuring sibling funeral directors and their rundown crematorium

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  • Burns (disambiguation)
  • Burning (disambiguation)
    Burning (disambiguation)
    Burning is combustion.Burning or burnin may also refer to:* Death by burning, a form of execution* Sunburn* Nuclear fusion* Optical disc authoring* Dodging and burning, photographic techniques-Music:Albums* Burnin...

     (includes Burnin')
  • Burned (disambiguation) (includes Burnt)
  • Burner (disambiguation)
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