Burmese bamboo shark
The Burmese bamboo shark, Chiloscyllium burmensis, is an extremely rare bamboo shark in the family
Family (biology)
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Hemiscylliidae is a family of sharks in the order Orectolobiformes, commonly known as longtail carpet sharks or bamboo sharks. They are found in shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific....

. Only one single specimen is known to science. It was caught 1963 off the coast from Rangoon in Burma in a depth of 29 – 33 m. This holotype
A holotype is a single physical example of an organism, known to have been used when the species was formally described. It is either the single such physical example or one of several such, but explicitly designated as the holotype...

 is an adult male, 57 cm long and kept in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Features: No color pattern. Dorsal fin has straight rear margins.

Food: Small bony fish or invertebrates.

Reproduction is presumed to be oviparous (egg laying).
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