Burgundian language (Germanic)
The Burgundian language is an extinct East Germanic language
East Germanic languages
The East Germanic languages are a group of extinct Indo-European languages in the Germanic family. The only East Germanic language of which texts are known is Gothic; other languages that are assumed to be East Germanic include Vandalic, Burgundian, and Crimean Gothic...

, spoken by the Burgundians
The Burgundians were an East Germanic tribe which may have emigrated from mainland Scandinavia to the island of Bornholm, whose old form in Old Norse still was Burgundarholmr , and from there to mainland Europe...

 in the 4th and 5th centuries.

Little is known of the language. Some proper names of Burgundians are recorded, and some dialect words used in the area in modern times appear to be derived from the ancient Burgundian language, but it is often difficult to distinguish these from Germanic words of other origin, and in any case the modern form of the words is rarely suitable to infer much about the old language. There is some speculation on the impact Germanic Burgundian had on the Vulgar Latin
Vulgar Latin
Vulgar Latin is any of the nonstandard forms of Latin from which the Romance languages developed. Because of its nonstandard nature, it had no official orthography. All written works used Classical Latin, with very few exceptions...

 spoken in the region based on supposed reflexes in the modern Franco-Provençal of Burgundy after the Frankish kingdom absorbed the province.
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