Bulb of penis
Just before each crus
Crus of penis
For their anterior three-fourths the corpora cavernosa penis lie in intimate apposition with one another, but behind they diverge in the form of two tapering processes, known as the crura, which are firmly connected to the ischial rami....

 of the penis
The penis is a biological feature of male animals including both vertebrates and invertebrates...

 meets its fellow it presents a slight enlargement, named by Kobelt the bulb of the corpus spongiosum penis.

It is homologous to the vestibular bulbs
Vestibular bulbs
The vestibular bulbs, also known as the clitoral bulbs, are aggregations of erectile tissue that are an internal part of the clitoris. They can also be found throughout the vestibule: next to the clitoral body, clitoral crura, urethra, urethral sponge, and vagina.They are to the left and right of...

in females.
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