Brugsen is a shorthand for the Danish word 'Brugsforeningen', which means consumers' cooperative
Consumers' cooperative
Consumer cooperatives are enterprises owned by consumers and managed democratically which aim at fulfilling the needs and aspirations of their members. They operate within the market system, independently of the state, as a form of mutual aid, oriented toward service rather than pecuniary profit...

. It is also the name of a Danish supermarket chain which was born as a consumers' cooperative.

Brugsen is a former common brand, of a wide range of supermarkets of different sizes. Separate brands (SuperBrugsen (estbl. 1991), Dagli'Brugsen (estbl. 1992) and Local Brugsen (etbl. 1995).) were developed with their own profile and target demographics.

Brugsen was operated by The Danish Consumers Co-operative Society (FDB), before being folded into Coop Norden
Coop Norden
Coop Norden is a joint Scandinavian holding company, formerly a retail chain. It is owned by three major cooperative retail companies; Danish FDB , Swedish KF , and Norwegian Coop NKL . As a retailer Coop Norden operated around 1,000 stores and had a yearly turnover of approximately SEK 90 billion...

 as part of Coop Denmark. Coop Denmark is owned by Coop Norden.

Brugsen operates over 300 stores across Denmark. Making it one of Denmark Largest supermarket chains.

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