Brugg or Brügg may refer to the following places:
  • In Switzerland:
    • Brugg, Aargau, in the Canton of Aargau
      • FC Brugg
        FC Brugg
        FC Brugg is a Swiss football club from the town of Brugg in Canton Aargau. The team currently plays in Liga 1., the third highest tier in the Swiss football pyramid...

        , a Swiss football club, from the town of Brugg in Canton Aargau
      • Hausen bei Brugg
        Hausen bei Brugg
        Hausen bei Brugg is a municipality in the district of Brugg in canton of Aargau in Switzerland.-History:Iron Age graves near Hausen indicate that the area has a long history. The current village is built over a Roman era town, of which the remains of buildings, roads and water lines are still...

        , a municipality in the district of Brugg in canton of Aargau
      • Brugg District, a district in the Canton of Aargau

  • In Germany:
    • Brugg (Meckenbeuren), a borough of Meckenbeuren
      Meckenbeuren is a municipality in the Bodensee district, in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. It is located 10 km south of Ravensburg, and 8 km northeast of Friedrichshafen, on Lake Constance....

       in the Bodensee district, Baden-Württemberg
    • Brugg (Gestratz), a borough of Gestratz
      Gestratz is a municipality in the district of Lindau in Bavaria in Germany.-Geography:Gestratz is located in the Allgäu region.Smaller hamlets like Brugg, Thalendorf, Altensberg, Horben, Kenners, Zwirkenberg, Altenburg, Rutzen, Rauen, Ried, Schweineburg, Ackers and Erhafts also belong to...

       in the Lindau district, Bavaria

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