Brian Gage
Brian Gage is an American author of satire, fairy tales, and fiction. He was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Mahoning County; it also extends into Trumbull County. The municipality is situated on the Mahoning River, approximately southeast of Cleveland and northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...



  • The Saddest Little Robot - Book Sense
    Book Sense
    Book Sense was a marketing and branding program of the American Booksellers Association, in which many independent bookstores across North America participated in order to better compete with the large book chains. Bookstores participating in the Book Sense program were expected to display the Book...

     76 Pick Winter 03/04 (Ages 9–12)


  • Founding member of Youngstown Ohio musical/performance act called "Party Talk" that became Gil Mantera's Party Dream
    Gil Mantera's Party Dream
    Gil Mantera's Party Dream was an electronic synthpop party band hailing originally from Youngstown, Ohio, with Gil Mantera living in Columbus, Ohio as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Donny has always lived in Youngstown...

     upon his departure.

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